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 I'm snug in my hotel bed for a little while longer, and then I have to go catch the airport shuttle and then, home. I've been in San Diego for a very busy week at my favorite conference. I was sad because several of my friends couldn't come this year, but I still got to see some familiar faces and hang out with new friends. 

I think maybe the highlight was the morning the Star Wars trailer came out after a friend's roundtable and about eight acafangirls clustered around someone's phone, and when we saw Finn we all squeed in relief and delight.

I gave a paper, spoke on a round-table, and co-chaired an area meeting, all of which went well. I have a bunch of notes for things to look into when I get back, plus several new books in my bag (like The Fanfiction Reader!) I look forward to reading.

I'm hoping for a smooth flight today; I'm really tired and theoretically could even sleep....
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