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 I'm snug in my hotel bed for a little while longer, and then I have to go catch the airport shuttle and then, home. I've been in San Diego for a very busy week at my favorite conference. I was sad because several of my friends couldn't come this year, but I still got to see some familiar faces and hang out with new friends. 

I think maybe the highlight was the morning the Star Wars trailer came out after a friend's roundtable and about eight acafangirls clustered around someone's phone, and when we saw Finn we all squeed in relief and delight.

I gave a paper, spoke on a round-table, and co-chaired an area meeting, all of which went well. I have a bunch of notes for things to look into when I get back, plus several new books in my bag (like The Fanfiction Reader!) I look forward to reading.

I'm hoping for a smooth flight today; I'm really tired and theoretically could even sleep....
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 I've spent the last couple days at ASECS, the American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies conference; I sneak in because technically I do work in the long eighteenth century and also it has several book history-ish panels. Anyways, I chaired a panel and gave a paper, and both went well, even if the only reason I got a question at Q&A was because I had a friend in the audience; several people told me later they enjoyed my paper and my enthusiasm, and one woman said she wanted me to hurry and write a book so she can read it.

In marked contrast, I went out to dinner with a bunch of people last night, and most of them like got together and drank and gossiped and talked job market and whatnot; me and another friend had been under the impression we were going to talk bibliography instead, so that was less than fun. Also, one woman asked me about my dissertation, so I started the thirty second elevator-talk summary, and like twenty seconds in she turned to the woman next to her and started talking to her, and so I quickly and awkwardly finished up. But what even was the point of that?? And then at the reception tonight this same person wanted a group photo with some folks I was with, and I tried to sidle out but she had me stay in, like....okay, you remember my name, you'll take a picture with me, but you don't want to talk to me? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HUMANS, I SWEAR.

(But thank god I was able to talk to Youmi last night, I would have died of boredom, the food was slow and the drinks kept coming, and just. Yeah. So we got to bond and talked about kdramas the whole time, and she said if she moves back to Seoul I can come visit her and she will take me to eat all the yummy delicious things people eat on tv that I can't even pronounce!)

And then today, I got two--TWO--emails from academic presses at PCA asking me about doing a book with them!! One was the new editor at U-Iowa Press, and I'd been in contact with the previous editor there, so I'm kind of curious if the new person hasn't looked in their files or what. The other was someone from U-Mississippi Press, who I hadn't talked to before, so that's good for the ego!! (And in marked contrast to "twenty seconds is too long to listen to you" girl.)

I head home tomorrow and the pre-flight jitters are kicking in; the flight here was the bumpiest I've had in a while, and I'm pretty sure it should be smoother, but I'm still anxious, because me. So, uh, wish me luck??!!
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 #thanksfortyping has been trending on Twitter. It's a tag full of people uncovering the often unnamed wives and secretaries who are acknowledged as typing male academics' manuscripts: basically, that's literally what invisible labor looks like, folks, some poor wife typing up some asshole's book FIFTEEN times, and his editor gets all the thanks.
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So I went to DePaul University's Celebration of Star Trek symposium this weekend, which was lovely: It was one day and basically half academic conference and half con. So, you know, there were serious panels about stuff and also cosplay and a vending area.

I spoke on two panels, both about Trek fandom; the first on Trek fan history and the second on Reboot fandom. Anyhow in the fan history one I mentioned slash and then another presenter was focused exclusively on the history of K/S, and during Q&A a student said very seriously, "I don't understand slash. Why do people do it? I find it disturbing. Like, is it meant to be funny or what?" To which my immediate response was "No, it's just that women like to get our rocks off too. ... sorry not sorry."
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So last week I went to ASECS, the big conference for Eighteenth-Century studies. It's not really my era or area, but I was giving a paper on women printers, and they let me in, which is more than can be said for, uh, a number of other places. >_> Anyway, a lot of papers I listened to was a bit like going to class without having done the reading, but I made notes for stuff to read that sounded interesting. Also, my roommate bailed on me so I was by myself, and had to go to extra effort to mix and mingle; I went to both the Grad Student Caucus and the Women's Caucus luncheons and tried to be amenable and knowledgable, and succeed-ish. My paper went well, and I got a number of encouraging comments, and I got invited to submit to a journal and may be getting invited to submit to an edited collection, so these are positives.

I've been super tired all week though, but pushing to be productive anyway: I drafted and sent in a book review, and hopefully will finish and send off another tomorrow, and I also sent off two sets of essay edits. Then next week I hope to revise and send off another essay. So: Ever forward.

With all this traveling, I did get a chance to do some leisure reading:

Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor was awesome--a bit soggy in the middle but the first half of the book was perfect, and the ending was intense.

I'd really been looking forward to The Dead Ladies Project by Jessa Crispin because I've read Bookslut for years (and I'm sad that she's closed it down), had its moments but I was just put off by Crispin's internalized misogyny. She came off as incredibly bitter and issue-ridden, and I wish to fuck that her editor had been like "No, dear, write about dead writers and exotic places, not your married lover and his wife or your other lover or that woman you're jealous of and blah blah blah. Yes you are a human but you also need to get over yourself." It was a short book but so fucking exhausting.

Anyway, as a treat I went to the bookstore and got an omnibus edition of Rice's Interview with a Vampire/Vampire Lestat/Queen of the Damned. After watching the film version of Interview at PCA for probably the first time in fifteen years, I really just wanted to reread the books, and assuming those grubby paperbacks are still extant they are somewhere in my Mom's house in Georgia and, tbh, probably saturated with cat piss by now or something. Anyway, I don't think I've reread them since at least my freshman year of high school, and these were some of my favorite books as a teenager. (I still remember the conversation I had with my sibs about whether or not Lestat and Louis were gay, and they were like 'LOL no.' Man, I'm so glad kids these days have Tumblr and so forth to talk about stuff these days, because it SUCKED back in the day.) Anyway I started rereading Interview yesterday and it's just interesting to revisit a book that used to mean so much to me, you know? (Yes, I know, I was totally the little goth kitten back in the day, always dressed in black, I knoooooooooow, but I was THIRTEEN, okay, geez!)

In a couple of weeks I'm also going to be flying out to Chicago to take part in DePaul University's Celebration of Star Trek symposium, where I'm going to be speaking on two roundtables about Star Trek fandom. I am excited about this!! More anon, undoubtedly!
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So as always, PCA was the best!! I got to hang with friends, I saw a screening of Interview with the Vampire for the first time in at least fifteen years (hush, it was my ~favorite~ movie when I was thirteen, I was such a precocious little pseudo-goth, and can I just say how lovely it is that the stuff you cherished when you were young holds up? Because it so did, and I congratulate bb!me on her *excellent* taste!), I gave a paper that went well, spoke on two round tables that went very well indeed (I chaired one on "Shame, Gender, and Cultural Capital: The Problems of Reading Fanfiction" and a woman later said that, as far as she was concerned, it was worth the price of admission to the conference for that!), and I got tapped to read at a Fanfiction Caucus (I read Bucky Barnes for a Stucky fic and Thor for a Thorki fic). Also I got several books I had long coveted on sale in the book room!!!

Wednesday I'm headed out again, this time for ASECS in Pittsburgh; I'm kind of anxious because I won't have any friends there to hang out with, but I'm looking on the bright side: I can take some stuff with me and maybe get some work done, and also, I can retreat to my room to be by myself if things get overwhelming. So! Optimism!
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I'm leaving tomorrow for the first of two conferences. The first is PCA in Seattle, where I'm giving my paper on "The Problems of Fanfiction and Literary History" and speaking on two roundtables, "Shame, Gender, and Cultural Capital: The Problems of Reading Fanfiction" and "What is the Future of Vampire Studies?" And of course I get to hang out with my gang of friends and soak up academic geekiness!!


Turned down yet again, this time a proposal for next year's MLA; the panel was on Radical Book History and I wanted to talk about reading women's manuscript circulation as a form of participatory culture. *angry sigh* I think I just need to give up and write that whole thing as an article and kick it out and have done.

In further unfun, my roommate for next week's conference, ASECS in Pittsburgh, had to bail, so I'll be all by myself at a conference I've never been to before. This is discouraging. But I figure, worst case scenario, bring an extra book and I can get some work done in the evenings, maybe. *optimism*
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So CSECS went quite well; I gave my paper and got several kind comments and some folks who are interested because of their own research. Through happenstance I met Don Nichols, a big Alexander Pope scholar, who had just finished a project identifying a "lost" printer of The Dunciad of 1720, which, turns out, was Susannah Collins. So he wanted my contact info in case he has questions trying to make sense of other things. so I got to feel Quite Smart.

Also got to go to Macleod's Books, which, being in Vancouver, made my little Highlander fangirl self happy. Even better, I made out like a bandit, getting a 2 vol. reprint of the Encylopedia of Typographical Anecdotes, Plomer's English Printers' Ornaments, and a couple other bookish odds and ends.

Then I got home and nearly had a heart-attack as Varamathras had run off, and we eventually found him hiding under our porch, where he preceded to stay for the next 36 hours, and eventually I lulled him out with kibble, and ye gods, stressful.

Anyway, tomorrow, or, ah, in 5 hours, I'm heading to Rochester NY to go to APHA and hang out with Todd. So, my delight at getting to see my best bestie just about outweighs my existential terror of flying. So.
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*waves* I am so discombobulated this Fall. My summer was ridiculous and Fall is not any less so. ANYWAY. Stuff to share:

"The misogyny towards fanfiction: she, her, hers" by Nandhini Narayanan

I am concerned about this social inclination to dismiss or trivialize fanfic works. The implication is that something written by women and read majorly by women is somehow less important and unworthy of respect. There was a loud and angry twitter campaign a while ago called #fakegeekgirls. The premise was that several women were attending comic conventions in costumes in order to “seem nerdy and pick up the interest of men.” Female cosplayers were specifically picked on and accused that they were dressing up to get attention. Yes, I saved up for weeks, tailored my own spandex outfit and took a nine hour flight to trap you in my romantic clutches, dear stranger. ...

Consider how, by trivializing and marginalizing an entire body of work as unimportant, we are not paying attention to the trends that are manifesting in fanfiction. Think about the profound space fanfiction provides for representation of minority communities. Canonical books, comics and TV shows revolve around the white male. Fanfiction provides the space for a gay Clark Kent, a genderqueer Sherlock Holmes, a lesbian Nancy Drew or an asexual Harry Potter. Most mainstream blogs are cis-gender owned, but Tumblr has more out and proud gender-queer writers in fandoms than any other social media site.

A short, superficial piece, but it's a relief to have someone somewhere calling these shenanigans what they are.


PBS Idea Channel gets it Absolutely Right about Trigger Warnings in the Classroom:

My favorite quote is "Academic trigger warnings aren't a shield or armor, they are a horn announcing the charge is coming." Yes. This.


I got a paper on recovering the history of women in the book trades accepted into next year's ASECS conference, which is back-to-back with PCA. This is only the second book history paper I've had accepted and the first one in the US, so I feel very happy (and relieved) about it.


Other news: I've joined a local writing group with some of the cool Tolkien people I met back in April, and we're meeting for the first time in a couple of weeks. I'm also very excited about that, though I haven't written anything creative in way too long. (I feel like a slacker, while fully aware that I have, in the past month, sent off two sets of book chapter revisions, finished half of a book chapter, and revised two outlines.) Because I like books on writing, I started reading The Maeve Binchy Writers' Club this afternoon to start thinking. That totally counts, right?
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I'll be speaking at a small symposium called Publishing Feminisms in Banff, which is pretty exciting both because it will be a small group (about thirty people) and it'll be my first international conference. So shiny. I'm worried about overlap with what I'm talking about and what the others in my panel will be talking about, and generally about the cohesiveness of my paper, which probably means I'm going to end up rewriting parts of it tomorrow and Monday nights, and also flailing. Which is cool, I mean, I'm a good speaker, so I'm not worried too much, but I'm a spaz, so I still like to practice.

Unfortunately, it'll be the first conference in a LONG time where I won't have at least one friend to hang out with, so I'm a bit anxious about the socializing part. Doesn't help that I'll be missing the opening reception tomorrow night either (that was my bad, because I overlooked how long it would take the airport shuttle to get there). They assigned me a roommate for cost-saving purposes, so hopefully we'll hit it off; plus it'll help a bit that they are providing most of the meals so it will be all of us in a room eating and chatting. The only thing about that is it sometimes means you have to sit there by yourself and watch everyone ELSE happily chatting away to one another, which is extra anxiety-inducing.

Anyways, fingers crossed, and wish me luck!! <3
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So first off, I had a chat with my dissertation chair today that basically consisted of me going

"FLAILFLAILFLAIL IfeellikeIdon'tknowwhatI'mdoing but I have this VAGUE PLAN and here's THIS THING I've done and I'm waiting to hear on this conference and I'd like to apply to take these classes in the summer at these places FLAILFLAIL"

and her going

"LOL relax you're at the beginning, try to have some fun while you think about what directions for your research to take, those all sound like great ideas, you're fine"

and now I'm all


It's funny, but you know how you're a little ball of stress and then you can relax a bit, and you go, MAN, I was a ball of stress, and now I don't feel it so much? 'Cause that's been me for the last two months, basically, stressing about applications and stuff. I mean, I'm STILL doing that, but I feel more positive about it. Basically my plan for the next couple weeks is to send in my applications to take a course on Digital Bibliography at Rare Book School and then get some funding from Liberal Arts for it. There's also a typecasting workshop at the Wells Center for Book I want to take, and I'm applying for both a scholarship and an internship out of optimism. It may be tough because those things are aimed at book arts students, but I want to make an argument about being a book historian who wants book arts experience so I can better understand how things are made. That makes sense, right? Anyway I need to collect letters for those. And I also want to apply for a fellowship to Chawton House, but I swear their online catalogs are nonsensical, so I've written the librarians a query hoping for some help.

All of this basically happens to happen before mid-February, btw.

I have some other writing deadlines, but that's a whole other kettle of fish I'm working on.

OH. Other good news! Todd's going to help move my press to CO this summer, so I can finally start working on some of my other art projects. I have two bookbinding projects I need to get onto, but I've been distracted thinking about how to actually DO them (one is for a friend's wedding album and I want to make it pretty and she basically gave me a box of photos and such, and it's like, um, actually preserving someone else's memories is fucking TERRIFYING when it comes down to it. Like what if I paste in a picture of Person Y when she actually much prefers Person X?! Oy. Oy oy oy.)

Anyway, that's me. That's all.
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So last night I dreamed I was taking a class on how to learn Korean, only it turned out I was the only non-Korean in the class because everyone else was taking it as part of a teaching certificate or something (IDK DREAM LOGIC OKAY) and I was there because I wanted to learn and have fun because dork. So at first I'm totally stressing because EVERYONE ELSE knows what they are doing and I am just LEARNING THE FREAKING ALPHABET and gradually I get to be able to read and write okay and am making friends and am SO PROUD OF MYSELF and then we get our final exams back and I totally bomb--not because I don't get it because I do, my paper totally looked like my friends', but because the prof doesn't like me and resents teaching me because I'm weird and there for the "wrong reasons."

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- I've signed up for NaNoWriMo.

- I was invited to be on a roundtable on Tolkien and adaptation and authenticity at PCA 2014; that's in addition the roundtable I organized on the Monstrous Feminine and my paper on Pacific Rim fandom.

- I ordered a finishing press, book press, cutting mat, and English backing hammer so I can also start some serious binding work. My goal is to get good enough that I can give people books as presents that are respectable.

- I'm doing well with my prelims reading plus my seminar reading, largely keeping on task, and also I have several ideas for papers.

In short I'm kind of getting back on track in life.
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Latebreaking news:

Panel assignments for this year's PCA is up: I am chairing and presenting in the "Loving Slash" panel. AW YEAH.


Rewriting the Romance of Avengers Fandom

The history of slash fandom in general has long been only a partial record, thanks in part to the samizdat-like nature of most early fan publications and the difficulty of maintaining long-term web archives. However, thanks to the increasing visibility and acceptance of fan activities, fan works have gained a new profile as easily accessible and widely disseminated through the Internet. Thus, it is actually possible to review the inception and growth of new fandoms, more or less in real time. A new/old fandom of particular interest is that of the Avengers comics, with their popular protagonists Captain America and Iron Man. Introduced in 1963 and now with almost fifty years of history, reboots, rewrites, and retcons, their stories have been told, retold, and revisited more times than Stan Lee has cameoed in Marvel Pictures films. New fans, intrigued by the films, have discovered both the original comics and their online fandoms, adapting those aspects they find most attractive from various universes for their own fan works. Tropes specific to each branch of fandom have appeared (eg. the assumption that the Movieverse Captain America is a virgin who is eventually seduced by Iron Man in romance novel fashion), while the repeal of DADT and the legalization of gay marriage in New York spawned dozens of stories of celebration that are essentially pan-fandom. The popularity of the Steve/Tony pairing has grown exponentially with the steady burgeoning of the fandom thanks to the crossover appeal of the movies. This paper will examine the roots of Stony fandom in the comics and its crossover into movie fandom and beyond.

Fanfic U?

May. 30th, 2012 02:03 pm
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*imitates Mal* Huh.


All of these free writing resources are dedicated to help you write stories that stand out from the crowd and garner you the comments and reviews that you deserve. So don’t wait, get started your next story right now. How to Write Fan Fiction will be there to help you from start to finish. (We even have tips on how to edit your own fan fiction!)

There's even an associated book on

I...have no words.
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His keynote was amazing and I teared up more than once. He started off talking about when he was a little boy and he saw soldiers with guns and bayonets arrive at his family's house and take them to a vacated racetrack, where the family of five lived in a single stall for three months before being moved to Arkansas for over three years. At the end of that time, they were given $20 and a train ticket to go where they would.

He talked about coming out to his family and how when his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's his husband took care of her. She couldn't always remember her other children but she remembered Brad to the end.

He spoke about living as a gay man in the fifties and sixties and about all his activism and how Star Trek has inspired so many people to work to make the future a better place for us all.

So yeah. <3


My panel went okay. Ours was the first panel I had been to where all the panelists showed up and they all went long even when I passed them notes. Siiiiiiiigh. So we had very little time for q&a, but everything worked out. So now I can breathe a little easier and tomorrow hang out with [ profile] rubynye and yeah. *G*
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I've just been really busy with real work and homework. I am maybe about halfway through the first pass of my Avengers fandom article (I'll post it here under f-lock when I'm done) and have been trying to get things sorted for a couple of directed study classes over the summer. Plus finishing up a collaboration for PCA with [Unknown site tag] (yes, I'll get to it, I swear!), doing heaps of paperwork, etc ad nauseam. And somehow getting roped on a preliminary basis to help with WorldCon 2012.

Ah, so cool things. Grognardia had an unexpected post that mentioned the gaming collection I'm developing at work that has netted a possible donor. Tomorrow I'm doing tours of Scifi for Aggieland Weekend. The new issue of SFRA Review came out this week and it contains my (admittedly glowing) review of XMFC. I got accepted into the papermaking class at Rare Book School this summer which should be fun. (This summer? SO BUSY: RBS, RBMS, ApolloCon, two classes...why do I do this to myself?)

I'm writing a bunch of things at once and making increments of additions on all. I have been trying to make time for writing but it varies when I have to read a couple books per week for class. SO. Yeah.

How are you guys???
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yeah so my Dean just popped in a little bit ago to let me know the Provost is "very pleased" with my case and will be recommending me for tenure. *grins goofily* I'll hear from the President's Office in two weeks and then radio silence until the Board of Regents meets in May to confirm. But basically I'm through the major hurdle now and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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I sat down tonight to write fanfic and ended up writing an article proposal instead. What is my life even.

ETA: Annnnnnnnnd when I submitted it at like 11pm, I got a reply of "YES PLZ" at 8:30 am. AND they want it by April 1. HOW DO THIS TO MYSEEEEEEEELF???

Earth 616, Earth 1610, Earth 3490—Wait, What Universe is This Again?: The Creation and Evolution of the Avengers and Captain America/Iron Man Fandom
Read more... )


Jan. 11th, 2012 10:38 pm
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Wrote about 1k of fluff this evening and spent a couple hours downloading and uploading files for class. On the plus side this means that they should be that much more manageable when I need them this semester, on the negative side I missed more of Word Wars than meant to. I'm also finishing up an article with a colleague to kick out Friday, I hope. With the new semester starting next semester I'm trying not to freak out about everything on my plate. I booked six classes coming in just yesterday and today, and Todd's gotten the same number again. We're trying to get Larry to help distribute them a bit more, so we'll see how that goes; it's awesome that word of mouth gets us so far, but with everything else it's kind of overwhelming. I'd also like to get my conference paperwork done this week plus do the application for RBS while it's still relatively quiet.

In cheerier news, I'm ridiculously excited about the courses I'm taking this semester. My Early Modern Drama class in particular is going to be awesome, and some of the critical readings will even be of assistance in some of my original fic. I've heard nothing but good things about my writing prof, and while I've been warned my Victorian Lit class should still be fun since, y'know, I like that stuff. I just hope to finish a few more things before the week is out so my slate will be a bit more clean!!


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