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All Star Trek stories are Kirk/McCoy unless otherwise stated.
All Avengers stories are Steve/Tony unless otherwise stated.
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Pick a character I write, and I will give you the top five ideas/concepts/other I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to depicting them accurately.

Five Things About Bones

Five Things About Mal Reynolds

Five Things About Richard Castle
(Yes, I KNOW I've never written Castle fic, but when has that stopped me from anything, ever?)

Five Things About Willow
(Holy fuck, it's been ten years since I've written fannishly about Buffy. I...don't even know how I feel about that.)

Five Things About Simon Tam

Five Things About Éomer

Five Things About Jim Kirk
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Just submitted my book chapter to my editor. Ha! So one thing down! Last class of the semester is coming in in a couple hours, too.


Thought ya'll might get a kick out of this email exchange from this morning:

re: the desire for crackfic is strong in this one

Was thinking of this at bedtime and this morning.

Common Grounds ficlet. Richard Castle is in San Francisco for a book signing and Bones is all excited about it. He and Jim are at the bookstore waiting in line when some guy in line starts wobbling around dizzily and then collapses. Bones runs to him all "I'm a doctor!" Jim follows. They get to the guy who has been stabbed. Jim is all, "He was murdered?!" Castle is all "OMG there was a murder at my booksigning! BECKETT!!!!!!!!" But she's in New York and he calls her constantly and she's like "CASTLE! You're in a different state, it's out of our jurisdiction!"

The boys plus Castle are interviewed by the cops. That's when William Cooper shows up. He walks up to the three of them and they are all O_O. Castle is all "Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?" Jim is all "I was a very good boy and Santa loves me?" Castle is all "...Well I was thinking long lost twins but I can see your point." Bones is all, " Good grief, I have TWO idiots to deal with and a doppelganger." To Cooper he says, "So this is weird." Cooper is all, "Yeah. Not the weirdest thing I've ever dealt with. BELIEVE me."

Cooper is there because the murdered guy works for a drug dealer/arms merchant/something else scary named Khan. He's been on the case for a few months tracking leads, which is why he's in SF.

At some point the boys are attacked but Bones and Jim fight them off. Bones is all, "Where did you learn to fight like that?" Jim says he grew up bi in Iowa, he kinda came with the territory, more importantly, where did BONES learn to fight? Bones is all, "Dammit, Jim, I'm from GEORGIA!" Jim is all, "Baby, you have never been hotter." Cooper shows up then and is just all "Okaaaay then."

In the meantime Castle has managed to wheedle his friend the NYC mayor to call the SF mayor to have Beckett called in. He's all "Think of it as vacation!" She's all "MY vacations do not involve mysterious bodies and arms dealers and CIA agents!" He's all "Okay, point, but it's a change of scene!"

Yeah. I don't know if this fic will happen, but it amuses me.

[ profile] gadgetorious: Your brain is like the surface of an alien planet. Beautiful and fascinating but if I lived there I would die.

I think many people would be in agreement with her on this one.


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