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Last night I dreamed about Jim Kirk on the Enterprise, except Kirk has most of Chris Pine's characteristics, which meant that often he saved the day through sheer weirdness. In this case the ship was beign attacked by Klingons, but as it turned out, all of the cats and dogs aboard had emergency suits with anti-grav boots, plus tool kits provided by Scotty, so the animals overran the Klingons and freed the humanoid crewmen. Because Kirk felt that the animals were worthy crewmen too. As you do.
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Mostly so I can use my new pony!Cait icon the wondrous [ profile] gadgetorious made for me!!



BTW: Expect intermittent radio silence mixed with spastic posting as I go into tenure week. Just sayin'.

Right, So

Oct. 13th, 2011 08:17 pm
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Everything is insane, and Chris STILL makes it all better.

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Still sore and prone to dropping asleep randomly. Largely spent weekend reading and watching movies. (Scott and I saw the Black Swan. We agreed Darren Aronofsky has women issues through the wazoo.) My brilliant plan for today is to do as little as possible.

That said, I have to pimp [ profile] reena_jenkins who recorded a number of my shorter ficlets into podficlets this weekend. Go check them out and leave some love. *G* I particularly like the Eomer one cos....I like Eomer, what can I say?

Oh, and I also want to hat-tip to [ profile] avictoriangirl who has been blogging all of Chris's Details shoot outtake pics which....just....what was I saying again? Yeah.

Okay I need another nap. Or possibly coffee. I'm going to go get one of the two now.
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An email exchange from this morning with my friend Laura:

Ok, so I was dreaming last night, and I dreamed I was friends with Chris Pine, and he came to visit for dinner, then all the sudden the city we were in was under attack by a Giant Intergalactic Space Gorilla (seriously) and so Chris Pine and I were trying to get away from the GISG, and while we were running for our lives, I thought, “Oh man, Cait is going to be so jealous that I am here with Chris Pine.”

I immediately replied:

That is awesome. Can I post this on my livejournal? ;)

Subquestion, why was I not invited to the dinner with Chris?? :o

Because I have my priorities STRAIGHT, people!!!!!

So Laura wrote back:

I think we were in another country….otherwise I would so invite you along.

My final response: Clearly they were in Canada. With Tom Hardy, too I bet.
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So I'm doing better--the fever has diminished but now I have sinusey issues. Blargh! So I spent the better part of the day on the couch dozing in and out watching movies.

Anyhow, I rewatched the Heath Ledger Casanova and my feverish brain realized that Chris Pine really needs to be in a movie like that. Also that Casanova's background with the absent mother promising to return for him and a sideways obsession with seduction really could work for NuKirk and I totally want that AU now but I don't want to write it.

Also started the great Common Grounds/Red/Castle crossover crack fic o' doom. Questions for readers:
1) Should Frank and Sarah make a cameo?
2) How many Supernatural jokes?
3) Title?????
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Update with photos over at Just a Sci-Fi Kid Like Me; we got in some cool Lovecraft fanzines and I wheedled Todd into posing for a photo. (T-Man fangirls take note: he thought the photo op was for this blog. He was doing it for YOU.)


One of our students also made us Xmas cards and left them with candy at the desk this morning. I feel all loved and appreciated and stuff.


I also got an invite to a PCA roundtable on Bad Boy Vampires. I'll be the Spike expert. This is kinda the most cool thing ever.


Lyndsey and I also submitted a chapter proposal for a forthcoming book of essays on Neil Gaiman. Figners-crossed!


Working on my third-year review dossier. It's simultaneously awesome to be all overachieverey and really annoying, because I had to spend quite a bit of time this morning scanning articles and stuff.


ETA: Ooh Chris Pine's single came out today!!!! *downloads* *grins*
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We took friend Kristin to Thanksgiving with Scott's family. His ninety-five year old grandfather kept informing relatives over the phone that Scott was visiting with his wife and girlfriend. ("It's hardly fair," said Kristin, "I could be Cait's girlfriend instead of Scott's!") We've been calling Scott a pimp ever since.

This morning we went to go see Unstoppable which was unintentionally hilarious. Scott came because we pretended it was Harry Potter and explained this was all avant-garde and that Voldemort was a train. My favorite part was the raccoon leisurely crossing the tracks in front of the out of control train. I was really really bothered by Chris Pine's character, who has a restraining order on him after hectoring his wife about her texting and then inviting her friend the cop for a drive with a gun, and it's ALL FORGIVEN WHEN HE'S ALL HEROIC FOR FIVE MINUTES. Remember kiddies, domestic abuse is oki if you look like Chris Pine. UM NOT. So pop culture fail there.

Anyhow tonight we're going to cook Kristin dinner, and I will probably lobby to go see Tangled. :D
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1. Sushi Ran in Sausalito is amazing.

2. We drove thru Berkley. I was on a freeway Chris was once on, probably. My dorkitude even scares me sometimes.

3. Will likely kidnap Friend Kristin for Thanksgiving, thus saving her from a day of peace and quiet and Lego Rock Band.

... I'm a crappy friend, aren't I?
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(via Fuck Yeah Pine)

Seriously, my fav thing about this? Is how he's just as bouncy as I am. I fear we can never meet for the world might explode after I hyperventilate.


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