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So I heard about this a couple weeks ago and now I get to crow about it! Deeper Than Swords won a Leab Award, which is coveted in the library exhibits world. (NB. That this is the first one Texas A&M has won, aw yeah!)

"The Division Two (moderately expensive) winner is the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives at Texas A&M University for “Deeper than Swords: Celebrating the Work of George R. R. Martin.”

Written with personality, excitement and love, this strong catalog emphasizes Martin’s work in the broader literary context and is clearly intended to live on past the exhibition,” noted Williams. “Addressing many different facets of Martin’s work – the author, the work, the genre – one of its greatest strengths is its appeal to diverse communities of audiences including preteens, teenagers, and adults. The text reflects an interesting blend of voices with both the scholars and the writers providing the original contribution to the scholarship on George R. R. Martin. An additional strength of both the physical exhibition and the catalog is the information included about the illustrator. Finally is the contribution of Martin’s work to popular culture – the HBO series 'Games of Thrones' is based on these materials.
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So on my last day of work Todd gave me a present to remember Cushing by: a framed set of our original designs for the DTS banners. He sent some of the photos yesterday, but this is my favorite one:

the real banners 2 ~


Survived move to Colorado. More later when I'm less plfttt.
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First here's a video of the Martin event. I gave the fastest speech known to man, because talking to 2400 people is rather terrifying.

A month left of classes: eek. Somehow have to write two papers, memorize a speech, and take an exam in this time. Amongst other things. Again, eek.
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So the last two years of my life is concluding shortly: the catalogs for Deeper Than Swords: Celebrating the Work of George R. R. Martin arrived today. They are...pretty weighty. We ordered 3500 of 'em since we're expecting 2400 for the opening. George pimped the event on his Not A Blog last week--using Todd's very stylish poster. (BTW if anyone wants me to send them catalogs and cards, which are both gorgeously adorned with John Picacio's artwork, lemme know. I has some powers. ;)) I'm at the weird place between being Really Excited to see what people think, Really Terrified about what people think, and Glad it'll all be over either way. I have literally put more blood, sweat, and tears into this than anything else in my life.

In other news, my latest column at Amazing Stories is up and it was linked at SFSignal, which is way cool.

I'm traveling to DC for a conference next week and will get to see some old friends. Also, get to take some extra time for sleep and study, as I need both. Though I gotta say, my profs have been very nice to me as I've had to miss class recently; somehow I expected them to be pissed at me for flaking, but apparently doing a big University event and such is considered acceptable. So.

In less fun news, I've had another health scare which was not fun. I'll be okay in the long-term, it's just I have to be careful and have a think on some things. Which, ugh. are you guys??
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Todd gave a talk a couple weeks ago and now it on the Youtubes.

Let's push his hit numbers up, shall we. *G* No, seriously, he's ridiculously brilliant and interesting to listen to, and he's talking about our library and cool stuff.
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Had a bomb threat at work yesterday which closed down campus for over half the day. We got a message to leave campus immediately and on foot, and since I live just off campus I ended up with a housefull of coworkers for a few hours as we waited for updates and the university got itself ordered enough to re-deploy buses off-campus and pick up people to distribute back home. So. That was "fun."

Work has also been nuts. Another staff member will be leaving in December and so we'll be cut even further to the bone. Workload is virtually unmanageable at this point and our boss isn't helping, which means he doesn't get it or doesn't care. It makes an exhausting situation even more exhausting, and also depressing.

In cheerier news, I got the letter that I passed my first year review at school and will be setting up an appointment with the grad committee within the next month. Sweet! The course schedule with descriptions came out too, so next semester I will likely be taking Translating Beowulf, the Novel of Manners, and Radical Religious Writing in the 17th C. Cos that is how I roll, yo. My two final papers for this semester are coming along in bits and pieces and I'm pretty excited about what I can do with them; one is on reading comics queerly and the other is on women in science fiction and canon formation. Good times, right?
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So I got a random call this afternoon, as sometimes happens, and in short Dolores Huerta was visiting on campus, someone told her about our Scifi collection, and they came over for a tour. (She adores Asimov's work, also loves Frankenstein, Fahrenheit 451 and Alice in Wonderland.) She was also all a-geek when I mentioned our Mesopotamian clay tablets, so I called Todd, and we hooked up and co-geeked with her on printing history and stuff. Apparently back in the early days of the NFWA, she and César Chávez and some others worked in a printing shop to print up their "radical literature" for dissemination and all, so she was all "OMG you guys have a printing press!" and we were all "WE DO!"

So she was there for a couple hours and then had to leave to catch her flight home. She hugged me and gave me a ring and called me a "little angel" which is kind of hilarious since I'm almost a foot taller than her, but I mean, she's 81 and she's so lively, it's like, what must she have been like in the 60s, y'know?? I'm still wearing the ring (I will probably wear it for a long time, gods willing), and I think it might be a moodring as it was green when she gave it to me, and it has largely been lapis-blue since I've put it on, though it has gone back to green and then verged on purple and reddish.

So, yeah. Still flailing. *G*
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Just got to negotiate the deal on a Lloyd Alexander archives and a WWI manuscript. I feel so BAMF.
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Today we have a group of visitors from Lafragua, a five hundred year old Mexican University, here to do a presentation on their digitization projects and look at our premises. (They are also one of our partners in Los Primeros Libros.) Anyway, Anton asked Todd and I to do one of our collection spiels and meet with them, so we did. Anton has also had his hands full translating back and forth, so he introduced us in Spanish--which I can follow when spoken or written pretty well, but I can't really speak it all that well myself because my tongue trips up because my third language is Italian, and I end up just making word salad, ANYWAY--and when he introduced me I nodded and smiled and made a Live Long and Prosper gesture.

Well one of the guys LL&P'd right back.

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Got in the better part of a massive donation today (the rest should come Monday), so some of my colleagues helped me move over 130 boxes of books and stuff I'm going to be plundering through.

If I'm *really* good about staying on top of it, I should be able to go through it all in a year. When real life intervenes, it'll...take a bit longer.

Btw, I also posted at Just a Sci-Fi Kid Like Me about some recent donations and adventures in processing.

I've gotta go in tomorrow my turn at the Saturday shift, will be going in next Saturday because a professor wants to bring his class in for a field trip, will likely be going in the Saturday/weekend after that cos of the exhibit we'll be installing.

My boss said this is how one builds a reputation. I said, "Yes, a reputation for not saying no!" [ profile] gadgetorious likened it to an MMORPG and now all I can think is that I'm grinding for rep abd building my epics, and I want to assign classes to all my coworkers.

I'm trying to decide if I'm a Hunter (I have minions!) or a Paladin (I can do AoEs!).

I'm more than a bit slap-happy right now. Oh boy.
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Sooo I just got my first box with my name on it as the Scifi Curator at work.

And it hit me: I'm the Scifi Girl now.


I mean, I'm looking at the bookcases filled with stuff Hal passed to me, and I have a load of boxes of stuff to process and file away and I have a student working on sleeving pulps right now, and I got a call from a guy asking about a donation yesterday and my boss is talking to me about finding "jewels" and manuscripts for the collection, and--yeah.

(At the risk of sounding like Keanu:) Whoa.


Going to meet with my mentor next week to talk about going up for tenure and pursuing the phd. I've been contemplating working on a phd for a while and if I take two classes at a time I could get it out of the way in five years, -ish, and could probably recycle term papers for articles at the same time. In my subfield the extra credential is really nice, so we'll see.
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Not that I'm a member of any. But if I WAS. ...


Awoke this morning to a fucking monsoon outside. And its cold again. Scott is ever cheerful and thinks the flowerbeds will be "easier" with the ground "soft" now. "We'll just put on some polypro, it'll be nice," he says. FYI, polypro? Is the SAME STUFF HE WEARS TO GO SKIING IN.

Am not optimistic.


Today's suggested reading material: Texts Without Context. Also check out the piece at the NYT about curators in their thirties, like its somehow shocking that we're not all boring graybeards.


This post has been brought to you by working brunch at the Village Cafe where it is warm and comfy.

ETA: Aha, I see lj is thwarting my tags, the latter of which should read "i am not now nor have i ever been in a book club." F-U, LJ!


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