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Previously: On the Politics and Teaching of Erasure

I feel like Agent Carter's writers have been hanging on Tumblr or something because the last couple of episodes have had a fair number of POC in tiny one-off roles, and YET.

Anyhow, a lovely minor plot point this week was Angie's performance of a speech from Ibsen's A Doll's House, which has that lovely 1-2 of tying into Dollhouse the show with regards to how women are literally programmed (via the Leviathan/Red Room plot) and erased.

All the same, because of its issues and limitations, I'm still going to call it White Feminism: The Show. Which is frustrating because I do like the recurrent themes of physical and social "disability" and erasure, plus the writing is tight and the actors are great.

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This video made by the Dollhouse folks:

It's almost as beautiful and creepy as the show was.


The hilarious story of The God of Cake.


Today was productive. Got some stuff written and some paperwork done. Yay!
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So much better than anything Fox did here:

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...mostly cos of the following bit from this interview:

Q: Did you make any friends on the set?

A: Fortunately I have been friendly with everyone on Dollhouse before shooting this episode, so it was very comfortable, being on set. Working with Zone again was very easy, because between Epitaph One and Two (cute fact) we’ve played D&D together every weekend! He randomly knows my DM, so when I walked in one day, he was sitting at the table ready to play. Totally threw me off, seeing him out of context like that, hah!


I probably couldn't be dorkier if I tried, could I.
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Why do you hate us so?

What did we ever do but love you too much?
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I love you, Victor!!!!

Wow, Echo.

Where's Paul?

Wait, Boyd has ethical compromises???

I love you, Topher?!

I LOVE YOU, BOYD!!!!!!!!!!!!

...Why do you have acid and a plastic sheet?

Oh. Wow.

I am totally a Topher Fangirl now. ... I can't believe I just wrote that.

December 4? I HATE YOU, FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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...the guy contratcing a Doll.. is an English professor!

I Hate FOX

Oct. 2nd, 2009 09:04 pm
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Or at least the local affiliate, that decided to air Dollhouse with really distracting asynchrinous sound/video. The ENTIRE episode was like watching badly dubbed...anything, really. Uber-distracting.

I'm also not getting the full screen viewing when seemingly they still shot in widescreen (I mean, Mellie is COMPLETELY cut out but for her legs-to-crotch area in her scene with Adelle!).

Between that and the truly appalling ads, I wonder if they are trying to sabotage the show ala Firefly?
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Hee! Spoilers under cut.

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This just about outdoes "Man on the Street"!
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Okay so overall I enjoyed the class, though a number of my fellow students got on my nerves by a lot. Some booksellers are a lot like IT people--convinced they have more knowledge than they actually do, unwilling to listen to other people, and otherwise really just deserving of a good Vulcan neck pinch once in a while. But a lot of them are very knowledgeable, nice people it's a joy to be around, too.

Anyhow, finally got my Dollhouse DVDs! Here follows a perfect storm of criticism for "Echo" and "Epitaph One":

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Looks like Dollhouse got the renewal! YAY!!!!!!!!


Btw I am about to disappear for Book History Workshop. It's going to be an intense week, starting tomorrow!
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I love you, Joss!
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Just sayin'.
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Whedon in top form. Papers will be written on this ep. Hell, I want to write one now!
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Scott and I were discussing this over brunch this am.

Thematic speculation with minor spoilers under the cut.

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Echo is a blank slate; she is programmed by what others want her to be.

Women in modern society are pretty much programmed too: wear uncomfortable clothing to be found attractive; if you do not conform you will be sent away (I remember reading about a high school girl who didn't wear a bra to class and was sent home) and/or punished. In your professional career, to succeed is to be "like a man;" if you fail it's because you're a woman and too soft/emotional/bitchy. If you get your way, and you're a man, you're strong and know what you want, a go-getter; if you're a woman, you're a bitch. If you manage to succeed professionally and also to have a home life, you have the "second job" at home of primary care-giver to children and maker of meals. If you don't, you are selfish and a careerist.

Echo is trying to find out who she is.

What would a woman be without society's handicaps?
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First, must share this Dollhouse vid of Joss learning to say Tahmoh Penikett's name.

Second, I spent most of yesterday reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It's the first of a trilogy *grump* and involves teenagers in a post-apocalytipic future (of course) who are selected through a lotter to play Gladiator on television. Much like Highlander, there can be only one--but that winner will get a lifetime's supply of food. Hijinks ensue when two of the teenagers fall in love--or at least pretend to, maybe. It's a solid read, and not as dark as you would think. I honestly can't remember the last time I ate a book up like that. The sequel comes out in September. Sigh.
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Okay here's what I think. I think that Alpha and Echo are part of a government infiltration ala Through a Scanner Darkly, and Alpha remembers the mission but went kind of whacky and is trying to get Echo to resurface, albeit with the whacky.

Cos nothing says "remember yourself" like constant threat of death.

On the other hand: it, uh, seems to be working.

Glad to see Helo, if not on BSG, and OMG only four eps left?? WTF are they going to do?! I'm intensely worried we're going to get a Farscape type ending with an intense "finale" that will be concluded with a truncated miniseries. I hope I'm wrong, but I've also watched the SciFi Channel enough to know how they game things.

Grr. Argh.


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