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1) My RBS instructor is like the intellectual equivilant of Chris Pine to my brain. I love him and this is the bestest class ever. I am taking so many notes and went to get a new notebook to be on the safe side.

2) So tonight at dinner Todd got me to try oysters.

Not the worst or weirdest thing I've ever consumed, but not the tastiest either.

On the plus side, we're gonna go see Thor Friday night. *is smug*

Anyhow, I need to finish some reading. Whee!
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At the hotel, back from dinner, half-retarded from long day. Thus, a picspam:

Milwaukee skyline from our hotel:

Which is apparently where someone tried to kill Teddy Roosevelt:

There's an AWESOME Thai place across the street though. For dinner, we had

-Thai beef jerky (which was fucking amazing)

-Pineapple duck curry (cf. omg the amazing)

-And drinkies! I had the Strawberry Colada and Candy had the Typhoon, which she described as a Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster irl.

Yeah. So, we're here. I'm mentally writing my review of the SF anthology and plan to spend tomorrow morning working on article revisions. I have declared my talk "good enough" and am still waiting to hear when they'll fit me in. Keeps things interesting. Another presenter is doing a paper on Reboot fanfic so I shot her an email asking her if she wants to go to coffee while we're here, since I'm working on a paper that's pretty much the exact opposite of her talk. So.

More later!!
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I don't think Oreos absorb rice milk the same way they do normal milk.

They just don't get squishy, or they get too squishy.

I'm sure there's some chemistry component involved, but still. Weird.
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Oh you tasty fruit;
genetically enhanced
for my munching joy.
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A couple of my friends suggested I try some soy milk to see how I handle it as I seem to be getting lactose-intolerant in my old age. So I bought some and drank a cup an hour or so ago and I feel pretty good actually. Although I gotta ask, is it supposed to look sort of tan? Cos that kinda freaks me out.


Spent most of today cleaning: the house looks kinda better. The movers are coming for Scott's stuff on Wednesday, and after that I'm going to re-do the guest room as a sort of study.

Anyhow, this is the first weekend I've had in ages to sort of decompress. I say 'sort of' because I've basically spent the past year in hyper-ahhhhhhhhhh! mode and now I'm actually sort of in a good place with a lot of things. But at the same time I'm also sort of counting to when I can go visit Scott. So it's all sort of odd and I'm way restless and even more ADD than usual.


Went to see Eclipse yesterday. Scott went at the same time so we can have sort of virtual dates. I enjoyed the film but not as much as the other two. But hella props to Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter, for continuing to infuse Bella with feminism and 5x the grrlpwr! of the series' Mary Sue-ish non-entity.

Scott and I are also going to start reading Lev Grossman's The Magicians together this week. Here we go with an attempt at respectable literature!
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Okay, so today was a full, full day of conference. Got my caffeine fuel and spent the morning in a committee meeting, had a quick lunch, ran to my poster session (which was great: a number of people stopped to ask questions, the editor of Library Review wants us to submit something, several people wanted to take photos of our data and I was like NO, this shit is unpublished and it's OURS so back off), darted amongst the exhibitors, took in the SF&F panel and was among the first 250 to show up so I got a whole bag of books with the newest books by Cory Doctorow, Cherie Priest, and...three other people who I've never heard of and was unimpressed by, frankly, and would've stayed for the signings...

My ALA loot. The free books make the long meetings, the navigating through horrendous crowds, and the plane rides almost worth it.

... except I bugged off back to the hotel to meet with Scott and Sean Paul, who were all, "Dude you look exhausted!" (I'm like, I've done THREE conferences in ONE month and presented research at ALL of them, NO fucking SHIT!), then went to dinner with Scott to Cafe Atlantico.

So I've always wanted to go there. OMFG.

To start off with, this was my cocktail.

It was a white brandy infused with hibiscus. Basically, if elves could make cocktails, this is what they would drink.

Then I got carrot soup with passionfruit marshmallows. (Full disclosure: I totally got that because of the words "marshmallows" and "soup" in the same dish.)

Next was a split appetizer of tuna ceviche served with avocado slices and breadcrumbs

My entree was a Brazillian dish that was basically a grilled pork chop with rice, refried beans, collards, and oranges. With, um, foam on top cos this is that kind of place and that's how they roll. This was seriously one of the best things I've ever had, ever.

Then dessert, cos HELL YES I saved room for that. It was locally grown strawberries served with...well the pudding-looking stuff was sort of foamey, and the foamey looking stuff was sort of creamy, and the triangles were phyllo and omg.

After that we went for a walk around Dupont Circle. Man, this is the sort of thing that makes me miss cities. A beautiful night, everyone outside walking and chatting and people watching...


Scott and I stopped into Kramer Books briefly; it's a noted indie DC bookstore. A Saturday night and dozens of people are hanging out at an indie book store. Hell yes. So he and I are going to start reading the same book at the same time, and so we each bought a copy of Lev Grossman's The Magicians. I'll be reporting back on this as I can. Sharing books is an odd sort of thing as reading is usually such an interior experience.

Anyhow, I'm pretty dead and have a whole nother day to look forward to. Stay tuned.
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This morning, as I catch the airport shuttle:

Driver: Didn't I pick you up last week??
Me: Yes.
Driver: And didn't your husband just get back from a trip, too??
Me: Yes...
Driver: Aren't ya'll EVER at home??
Me: ...Yes?


Anyhow, in DC for ALA. Looking forward to catching up with some friends and stuff. My hotel room has a balcony, which is cool, cos I don't think I've ever had one of those before.

And okay yeah, the view mostly sucks, but still!! (That really big building just outside is the Housing and Urban Development Department.)

Anyhow, very long day traveling and I'm kind of addled, so I ate in the hotel bar, which is cheaper than the hotel restaurant, but nonetheless still involved me shilling out $20 for a sandwich.

Now in fairness, this is a fancy sandwich. Ostensibly filet mignon, carmelized onions and peppers, and brie. And french fries. Tasty. But still.

Dessert was more awesome though. It was genoise with mango mousse.

Full disclosure: I totally got that because I wasn't sure what the hell a genoise is. Was. Well, anyhow, according to it is a "light yellow cake made with eggs and butter and typically layered, filled, and frosted or made into petits fours for serving." And it was DAMN TASTY.

I also wrote a bit while I waited, cos I hate going out by myself, but I do like food particularly when I haven't had any in like ten hours and all.

So this is a longhand fragment for a WIP tentatively titled "Gathering of Leaves" which would be a series of vignettes/short stories of the folks from the printer!verse of Common Grounds. Although as [ profile] gadgetorious pointed out that fic is probably going to be frikking huge and I should try breaking it up, and as I pointed out I'd like to finish a few things so I can get back to work on some original fic. Which, btw, I made some notes for a novel I'm half-writing on a dare, tentatively titled The Printer's Grammar, and I've got a book with me for research purposes that I've dabbled in.

(Which, sidewaysedly, thanks to everyone who's been loaning me books for my airport hell this month. Now I will try to finish them all and get them back to you in a reasonably non-downtrodden condition.)

More later!
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End of semester + job offer for the boy = PAR-TAY


The evening is best summarized by this quote from a friend: "Good food, entertainment, and pictures of hot actors giving microphones blow jobs. Where else can I get all that?" :D
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Today was the final day of PCA. I went to several roundtables but was honestly sufficiently fatigued to be on the fried side and have nothing to show for it mentally. Went out to lunch and dinner with a bunch of people. Also visited the Left Bank Bookstore and purchased some books and back to the chocolate shop to pick up sweets for friends and llamas.

Flying home tomorrow afternoon, and really looking forward to seeing Scott, Sylvanas, Varamathras, and Alleria again.

A final picspam:

That last is an upwards shot of the arch with the sun looking down. Needs moar lensflare.

Will hopefully have my fic posted soon!

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Although if you attend a Twilight talk where the following words are used in any combination, you will not win my lovely sushi dinner pictured below!

*White privilege

Seriously, people, it's like you're all giving the same talk. If this were a drinking game, I'd have been under the table by 9am.

Anyhow. Sushi dinner picspam now.

There, wasn't that better?

Anyhow, so my talk went seriously great. One panelist dropped out so it was me and another presenter and we had like a solid hour of Q&A, and it was all solid questions that were great.

Speaking of questions, and back to Twilight, it is occuring to me that there's all this discussion of presenting the books to young girls so very carefully because their poor delicate little brains could be spoiled by the naughty parochialism/mormonism/anti-feminism/what the fuck ever. Okay. Um. So why doesn't this happen with boys? Cos I highly doubt anyone is EVER gonna sit down with an eleven year old boy and be all, "Now here's this copy of Harry Potter, but we should have a talk first. You should know that magic isn't real, and you're not ever going to be asked to save the world, and the principal of your school is never going to invite you into his office for candy and to see his exotic pets. Just sayin.'" Seriously, wtf people?

Okay, I'm so fried now. Off to my bunk!
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*No librarians are either.**

**I forget the context of these remarks. But they were really funny when said earlier.

Yeah, so PCA?

Um. This is your brain:

This is your brain on PCA:

Well if you're me, anyhow. No, seriously, I spent like six consecutive hours listening to talks on Twilight. A lot of them were about Mormonism in the books, and stuff. Also, race issues. Also, um, other things. It's all kinda blurry right now really. And yeah, several more days of this.

Also, my talk will be tomorrow. Not on Twilight. Wish me luck!

Anyhow, I adopted a couple of poor Australians.

This is James and Shalameeka. They are very nice and cool. We went exploring the city this morning. It has an arch. Betcha didn't know that, did ya. Right, so St. Louis is an odd city. Most places have a clearly distinct business section and then a watering hole area, and then a cool hipsterey area. Here? It's all mushed up. It's kinda hilarious, you walk past the hotel and there's a couple upscale restaurants, then like six bars in a row, then you have a corner where you can choose between gelato or piercings and tattoos. One can only imagine the accidents when too much drinkies are had and you walk into one of these establishments by accident. "Yes, I want the mint ice cream cone!" "Sure, where?" ... Yeah.

We also hit an excellent chocolate cafe (Yes. A chocolate cafe) earlier. I got dark hot chocolate with a homemade marshmallow:

YUM. And then we each got a truffle:

I got the mushroom-looking one. It had a piece of caramel inside chocolate, with some kind of crunchy nougatey stuff in the mushroom "cap." It was pretty awesome. But the place had stuff like violet truffles and earl grey truffles and it's like Willy Wonka for grown-ups basically.

Anyhow. I'm about to go practice my talk a few more times. (Note to self: If you wear a "Talk Nerdy To Me" tshirt at a nerd conference and hang in the hotel lobby posting on lj, people are gonna start asking you how to connect to wifi. Must be the tshirt. Second note to self: Wear different tshirt tomorrow.) More later!
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It was only a matter of time before the cheesiness. You know it.

Speaking of cheese, check out this cheese platter we got at Mosaic Tapas tonight:

The pipette has a red wine reduction in it. I am keen to reproduce this thing.

More later!
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Just so that I can make ice planets on sticks!

You guys agree with this, yes?

BTW the same blog has a recipe for homemade marshmallows!

Now check out this fanvid of a guy and himself doing a medley of tv themes. It's kinda mad briliant and also kinda scary. It also certifies in my mind that identifying themes is the bestest game ever.

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Spent about half the day at BU checking out Marion Zimmer Bradley's papers. I got through about six boxes of seventy-some. Anyhow, one of those boxes happened to hold her diary from 1955-1957. Because I am a total dork, once I realized once it was I about started to cry from awe and general shmoopiness. The only reason I didn't was cos I knew the manuscripts curator would KILL me if teardrops got on the mss. (I RESPECT that in a curator.) So, yeah, wow. It gave me a tingley feeling inside. Also, she wrote in green ink, which I do too! (Shmoopiness, I tell ya.)

Anyhow, Scott and I went to dinner at Toro which was a fucking spectacular tapas restaurant. I seriously can't remember a meal I enjoyed so much. Particular delights: foie gras with pear and bacon chutney (first time with foie gras; verdict = I get the fuss now, num), crispy pork belly with escargots, liberty apples, pumppkin and maple crumble (escargots? well I can't quite say what they were like, except sort of salty and sort of tangy). Scott had baby octopus with potatoes which he declared to be the best octopus he'd ever had in his life. Oh and I got a mandarin orange soda which was nummy too.

So tomorrow for ALA proper. Will go in to register, go to some meetings, then I gotta go to a dinner tomorrow night with Important People from Other Places and act like I know what the fuck I'm doing. This will be interesting. More later!

Must Share

Aug. 3rd, 2008 09:37 am
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Cake Wrecks. In which cake goes wrong.

Quite the hilarious.
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I found Habeas Brulee this afternoon while looking for a fried pumpkin recipe. It may be my new favorite toy. Since Saturday is Mabon I'm having a Mabon dinnerparty at our place tomorrow night, with the ambition menu of borscht, brats 'n' sauerkraut, fried pumpkin, corn, and berry buttercream cupcakes.

Look, in my defense, math faculty like to eat.

Stay tuned!


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