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I'm having a ~good week academics-wise. I've gotten two articles accepted, a conference paper accepted, revisions done on a book chapter, a book review sent off, and a blog blurb forthcoming. Also,The Unsilent Library: Essays on the Russell T. Davies Era of Doctor Who, which I had a chapter in, is going on sale at this link, and in the accompanying piece my chapter gets a special highlight:

Additionally, Catherine Coker’s chapter 6 titled ‘Does The Doctor Dance? Heterosexuality, Omnisexuality, and Spontaneous Generation in the Whoniverse’ is a vital addition to the collection. Coker contends that 2005’s ‘The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances’ are the first real doses of omnisexuality within the Whoniverse. Moreover, the essay highlights science fiction handling sexuality as an “awkward ‘issue of the week’” rather than a normality of society. Instead, Davies rejects this model and “instead chooses to address the group as part of the regular viewership of the show by allowing the LGBT population in his universe to exist and thrive”. The essay also considers Captain Jack as an ‘Omnisexual Superhero’ and explores The Doctor’s lack of sexuality. The Doctor and Rose shippers have a lot of good material to gauge on here…

This is up against several real-life frustrations I don't feel like talking about, so I'm just going to roll in good feelings for a little. :)


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