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 I've spent the last couple days at ASECS, the American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies conference; I sneak in because technically I do work in the long eighteenth century and also it has several book history-ish panels. Anyways, I chaired a panel and gave a paper, and both went well, even if the only reason I got a question at Q&A was because I had a friend in the audience; several people told me later they enjoyed my paper and my enthusiasm, and one woman said she wanted me to hurry and write a book so she can read it.

In marked contrast, I went out to dinner with a bunch of people last night, and most of them like got together and drank and gossiped and talked job market and whatnot; me and another friend had been under the impression we were going to talk bibliography instead, so that was less than fun. Also, one woman asked me about my dissertation, so I started the thirty second elevator-talk summary, and like twenty seconds in she turned to the woman next to her and started talking to her, and so I quickly and awkwardly finished up. But what even was the point of that?? And then at the reception tonight this same person wanted a group photo with some folks I was with, and I tried to sidle out but she had me stay in, like....okay, you remember my name, you'll take a picture with me, but you don't want to talk to me? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HUMANS, I SWEAR.

(But thank god I was able to talk to Youmi last night, I would have died of boredom, the food was slow and the drinks kept coming, and just. Yeah. So we got to bond and talked about kdramas the whole time, and she said if she moves back to Seoul I can come visit her and she will take me to eat all the yummy delicious things people eat on tv that I can't even pronounce!)

And then today, I got two--TWO--emails from academic presses at PCA asking me about doing a book with them!! One was the new editor at U-Iowa Press, and I'd been in contact with the previous editor there, so I'm kind of curious if the new person hasn't looked in their files or what. The other was someone from U-Mississippi Press, who I hadn't talked to before, so that's good for the ego!! (And in marked contrast to "twenty seconds is too long to listen to you" girl.)

I head home tomorrow and the pre-flight jitters are kicking in; the flight here was the bumpiest I've had in a while, and I'm pretty sure it should be smoother, but I'm still anxious, because me. So, uh, wish me luck??!!
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So CSECS went quite well; I gave my paper and got several kind comments and some folks who are interested because of their own research. Through happenstance I met Don Nichols, a big Alexander Pope scholar, who had just finished a project identifying a "lost" printer of The Dunciad of 1720, which, turns out, was Susannah Collins. So he wanted my contact info in case he has questions trying to make sense of other things. so I got to feel Quite Smart.

Also got to go to Macleod's Books, which, being in Vancouver, made my little Highlander fangirl self happy. Even better, I made out like a bandit, getting a 2 vol. reprint of the Encylopedia of Typographical Anecdotes, Plomer's English Printers' Ornaments, and a couple other bookish odds and ends.

Then I got home and nearly had a heart-attack as Varamathras had run off, and we eventually found him hiding under our porch, where he preceded to stay for the next 36 hours, and eventually I lulled him out with kibble, and ye gods, stressful.

Anyway, tomorrow, or, ah, in 5 hours, I'm heading to Rochester NY to go to APHA and hang out with Todd. So, my delight at getting to see my best bestie just about outweighs my existential terror of flying. So.
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So we were already to leave and then they did their crosscheck and discovered there wasva brake problem, so they hauled the plane back to the terminal, dropped us off, and we're in limbo. Might get a flight out of here at 10, might not. SIGH.

ETA: So they said if maintenance can't fix the problem they'll swap out aircraft, so it looks like I'll get home eventually. *optimism*
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Your gate changes and you still know EXACTLY where it is.
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Why do so many people buy coffee before getting on a plane? I mean, that means you have to be awake during a time when you're squashed in a little chair with nothing to do. AND it makes you need to pee a lot.

I don't get it.
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Dear Continental pilotss,

We need to resolve our vocabulary differences. For instance, when I say "mild turbulance" I mean very slight bumping, the kind that makes the soda in the little cups on the tray things jiggle a little bit. Apparently to you it means that, despite the fact that I am securely strapped to my seat, my body nonetheless detaches from it. I'd call that "medium to high turbulance" myself.

Just sayin'.

Sincerely yours,


Safe in DC. Thus, photo spam:

I like my lil ribbon. :D

Also the bedlight that is allowing me to safely ramble while my roommate sensibly sleeps.

Also, TAPAS!!!!!!!!!!:

Yeah. So. Blather. Stay tuned.
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Or on it. Whatever. Y'know?

The Dreadlord Garfield Varamathras Fluffybutt demands to know the contents of this luggage!

They hate the Bag because they know what it means.

Yeah, so I'm going to St. Louis tomorrow for PCA Annual. Stay tuned. I did a practice of my talk for Todd who graciously listened and gave feedback. Discovered I am complete spaz in front of friend and colleague, now more than slightly nauseous at the prospect of doing this in front of, y'know, a room full of people. Eep!!!!! Wish me luck!

Scott's looking forward to a week of eating pizza, not making the bed, and general bacheloresque sloth. Good for him.


Conversations I Miss

This weekend at a con in Houston:

Candy, proffering a photo for an autograph: I'm getting this for my friend Cait! She's a big Dollhouse fan.
Candy: Yeah, she's even written a couple of journal articles about it.
YES THAT DICHEN LACHMAN: Oh that is so awesome! I can't wait to tell Joss!

I SHIT YOU NOT PEOPLE. I have the picture in my office to prove it. I am SO framing it!!!!! *has the bestest mentor EVER*


Conversations I Have

Today, in a faculty meeting:

Me: I feel like it's Episode Three and we're the padawans and the Sith Lords and the Jedis are fighting in the next room. This makes me more than slightly nauseous.
Todd: I don't know what you're talking about. I only know of Episodes Four, Five, and Six. I thought we agreed on this.
Me: ... We did. I'm just, y'know, sayin'. I'm nervous. Pause. I think this means the Dean is Jar Jar.
Todd: ....


Anyhow, I'll be gone through Sunday. I'll update periodically to relate notable adventures.
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ARL Fall Forum. It's about digitization. I will wear my suit and feel mildly important. And blog if I can. Once the airsickness passes.

Back Home

Dec. 27th, 2007 11:35 am
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Yay. Nap now.

ETA: Okay, I lied. But the new Hellboy 2 trailer is live now. Is it just me or does the baddy look a lot like Elric?
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So either my cold came back with a vengeance or it decided to mutate. Suffice to say that while yesterday was fine today is totally ugh. Which is annoying since we wanted to go do something fun and instead I am drag-assing about grumping. (Luckily I have thebest boy ever, who just nods agreeably and wants to know do I want more orange juice, even though mom's cats are pushing his allergies.) Also there is the fact that I've worked on this post for way longer than I need to just so I can use proper grammar and spelling.

Our project of the day is now gathering books I want to rescue from Mom's cats and boxing them up to take to UPS. Later we're going to head down to my brother's and stay the night there since we get to wake up at 3am or so for that nice super-early flight. /sarcasm. I am looking forward to being back home with the furbabies though. (Another wonderful thing about my boy: he saw me staring at my shelves trying to decide what to take home. He said, "Y'know, you don't have to hold back, if you even think you might want it later, just pull it down and we'll take it." Of course this means we'll need at least one more new bookshelf, but so it goes.)

Anyhow. Stay tuned.
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I just cleaned the kitty box and am leaving two pans of clean litter for them. The kitties are deeply suspicious.


Aug. 1st, 2007 04:37 pm
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We're currently in Lake Jackson, Texas staying with Scott's cousins. Yesterday we went to the Johnson Space Center and got to see the Astronaut Training Center and an IMAX on constructing the International Space Station (predicted completion date: 2006. Heh heh heh.), amongst other things. It was fun. I also got to flashback to being ten when I got ahold of some of the freeze-dried Astronaut Ice Cream that I thought was so cool when I was a kid...and let's be honest, I still think it's pretty dang cool. Sure there's nothing icy or creamy about it (it's kinda crunchy actually) but it's still fun.

Today Scott and his cousin Chris got haircuts, so neither of them look like scruffy nerfherders. We also got some last minute items from Walmart like some Power Bars and travel shampoo and the like. And a copy of Hot Fuzz because it's hilarious and we're weak.

We'll be getting up at about 3am tomorrow to catch our 7:40am flight. We have a four hour flight to San Francisco and then an eleven hour flight to Nagoya. I LOATHE flying so I'm trying not to think about it, particularly considering our return flights will be like fifteen hours and then two hours. Oy. A typhoon is also predicted to hit the southernmost islands of Japan today (or tomorrow--or both, I'm kind of unclear on how they're timing these things, and yes I am totally a Weather Channel junkie) so it'll be rainy on Friday when we get there, but by then we'll be zombies anyway. I just hope it won't affect our flights too much. Because, um, oh boy.

Anyhow, wish us luck. I expect I'll check back in whenever we get wireless.


RIP Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni.


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