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So through crazy random happenstance I've been waiting for Alatriste, a Spanish swashbuckler starring Viggo Mortensen, to come out since like 2006 or something. LOW AND BEHOLD IT IS ON THE YOUTUBES IN TOTO WITH TRANSLATIONS!! (Just hit the CC button.)

I so want to watch it now but I have stuff to do. This will be my reward, later!!!
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Why did you wait until today to tell me that Sean Bean played Mellors in Lady Chatterley?



ETA: Perfunctory first-time scene was perfunctory. Sean, I'm broken-hearted.
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Okay, I LOVE this movie. Let me explain what this means: In the past thirty-six hours I saw Chris Pine's junk and Tangled, and I loved Tangled MOAR.

Alright, then.

Are your jaws off the floor now? Good.


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Nov. 26th, 2010 09:36 pm
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Kristin and I had to go to Walmart to procure a plunger and rubber gloves--and also cheap movies cos we're weak and mutually bad influences.

Um, this is why we're now watching Dungeons & Dragons the Animated Series.

(I got Beowulf too, cos I'm the one person who liked it. I am a special and unique snowflake and this is why you love me, remember?)
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We took friend Kristin to Thanksgiving with Scott's family. His ninety-five year old grandfather kept informing relatives over the phone that Scott was visiting with his wife and girlfriend. ("It's hardly fair," said Kristin, "I could be Cait's girlfriend instead of Scott's!") We've been calling Scott a pimp ever since.

This morning we went to go see Unstoppable which was unintentionally hilarious. Scott came because we pretended it was Harry Potter and explained this was all avant-garde and that Voldemort was a train. My favorite part was the raccoon leisurely crossing the tracks in front of the out of control train. I was really really bothered by Chris Pine's character, who has a restraining order on him after hectoring his wife about her texting and then inviting her friend the cop for a drive with a gun, and it's ALL FORGIVEN WHEN HE'S ALL HEROIC FOR FIVE MINUTES. Remember kiddies, domestic abuse is oki if you look like Chris Pine. UM NOT. So pop culture fail there.

Anyhow tonight we're going to cook Kristin dinner, and I will probably lobby to go see Tangled. :D
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Fan-made clip for the upcoming film adaptation of The Hunger Games:

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Karl Urban in Priest

I cannot look away. Why can I not look away?
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Last night went out with the gang. We thought about invading one of the Irish bars, but they were packed, so we went to Sodalak's instead and then to Spec's for booze and munchies. For future reference, St. Germain tastes like an elfish flower concoton (it's made of elderberry flowers and tastes a bit like honey or nectar), and you can get a Pino Grigiot on a bottle that looks like Romulan Ale. Which we did, but haven't drunk yet. Anyhow.

Then we had a film fest of sorts. We started off with 1970s German "erotic comedy" Run, Virgin, Run which was definitely comedic though not erotic. Basically there's an alpine village and the local superstition is to send out the menfolk for a walk when a magic wind comes, and the fertility goddess will bless the women, and in the meantime the village blacksmith just visits all the womenfolk while the men are out walking. Oh and apparently everyone in the town stays at the same hotel. Or something. It was the 1970s, that's all I got, folks. I had hoped to find a picture of the poster to show, but IMDB's film entry had this instead:

It's got UFOs in it. I'm not at all convinced it is for the same film--I suspect the opposite. Its really too bad we couldn't get one of these for the exhibit though. (If I can get in Brundage's "Red Nails" cover I should be able to manage this.) Anyway.

Then we watched Repo Man: The Genetic Opera. It has Giles in it and he sings. The best way to describe this film is to say, imagine if Dr. Horrible and Sweeney Todd had a nerdy goth baby. This would be that baby.

BTW: Giles singing? Still hot.

At any rate we stayed up way too late watching movies and being goofy, so I stayed over. I helped Carla make an awesome quiche for breakfast and then she brought Connor over for a playdate with Alleria, which they both enjoyed. Scott got back late last night also, and we're going to take it easy today.

I need to be constructive but I'm just tired. Also, discovered yesterday there are some political machinations going on at work that make me wary, so I'm seriously considering going up for tenure this year. I feel worn thin as is with all the things I have going on, but on the other hand, if I do that it may be safest and may keep me from freaking out over other things. I don't know. I'm going to think on it hard this weekend.

Ooh Pretty!

Dec. 1st, 2009 10:45 pm
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The first teaser poster for Paramount Pictures' 'Iron Man 2'

In Brief

Nov. 21st, 2009 10:48 pm
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Let me just say that going to see the midnight showing of New Moon the other night was one of the most fun things I've ever done in my life.
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Sans mots.
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Via the The Wild Hunt Blog.
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Right down to the funky lil monkey.
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Huh. Well that was...vague.

Okay, here's what I want in the reboot that may or may not be a reboot:

1. I want Kirk and Spock to finally get it on.

2. I want the Cold War metaphors to be nixed.

3. Do Klingons have ridges or not? Let us know!

4. I want the Federation/Starfleet to not be painfully, utopianly perfect. I want flawed human beings who fuck up on occasion. I want Kirk to play the Kobayashi Maru....and fail!

5. I'd really like to be able to look at Zachary Quinto and not think "Sylar!"

C'mon, Abrams. Do it for me!
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Over at Der Spiegel.

There's also a post over at the NT Times about book-to-film adaptations, focusing on Beowulf and Paradise Lost through the lens of The Golden Compass. More on that later.
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Here. Brought to us by Meg Cabot's Diary.

Tee hee.


We put up Scott's artificial Xmas tree today. Lady Sylvanas is having great fun trying to climb it. Dreadlord Garfield Varamathras Fluffybutt on the other hand is trying to look like he's too cool and totally doesn't care, and then tries to climb it when no one is looking.
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Over at Yahoo Movies.

I'm pretty excited about this one as Prince Caspian was my favorite out of all of the Narnia books.
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Mary Elizabeth Williams writes an article for on how the books and film promote independent thinking, and why she's taking her kids to see it.

Every parent filters. I am as quick as anyone to put the kibosh on any book, movie or toy that espouses a negative or dubious philosophy. But I have far more concerns for my daughters and their values when they beg for Bratz dolls or over-identify with Disney princesses. And I'll be OK if the girls who dressed for Halloween this year as Hermione Granger and Chihiro from "Spirited Away" one day discover Pullman's brave, intelligent, resourceful heroine Lyra Belacqua.


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