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Sent a diss chapter to my chair this afternoon. YAY!!!!!

Anyway, I'm about to go on a conference binge--Canadian Society for 18th c. Studies in Vancouver this week, the American Print History Association in Rochester, NY next week. Then I'll have a week of downtime and it will be November. And I signed up for NaNo so I can finish my STBB. So...I feel together-ish.

My chair also wants me to apply for a BSA Fellowship. I think what I want to do is apply to go to the Folger in DC to look at microfilms of SC records. I'm going to try to get a skype meeting with her when I get back.

So. There's me.
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7517 words so far, and I think a lot of them suck. Not all of them, just--most of them. I'm hoping, though, that I can still get back in the habit of writing, and things will get easier. So.
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- I've signed up for NaNoWriMo.

- I was invited to be on a roundtable on Tolkien and adaptation and authenticity at PCA 2014; that's in addition the roundtable I organized on the Monstrous Feminine and my paper on Pacific Rim fandom.

- I ordered a finishing press, book press, cutting mat, and English backing hammer so I can also start some serious binding work. My goal is to get good enough that I can give people books as presents that are respectable.

- I'm doing well with my prelims reading plus my seminar reading, largely keeping on task, and also I have several ideas for papers.

In short I'm kind of getting back on track in life.
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Review: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

So I'd been waiting for this book for ages and it was so worth it. Lots of other reviewers are describing it as The Jungle Book but with dead people, which I guess is true. I think if I were ten again it would have been my favorite book. As it is, I thought it was very sweet and I wanted more at the end, which is always a good thing.


I'm working on a review of Torchwood for SFRA Review. This begs the question:

Is it still slash when everyone's gay anyway??


NaNoWriMo? Yeah, reality intruded. Too much writing for job to do. Sigh.


Oct. 25th, 2008 05:19 pm
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So I'm invited to speak on two panels and moderate a third at the con I'm going to in November; I'm quite delighted with this.


I've decided I will do NaNoWriMo this year. I bought a notebook today and made some preliminary notes for next week.


All my work projects are keeping me uber-busy but they are going well and people are pleased all the way around thus far. This knowledge helps me keep the momentum going.


Got the new Astonishing X-Men today. God, I love Warren Ellis.


My blood elf hunter dinged to 70 last night, just in time for the expansion to be released in three weeks. Awesome!!


Sep. 16th, 2008 09:42 pm
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The Starbucks across the street from work is mysteriously closed because of the hurricane. I must therefore get through work with only blood in my bloodstream! Horrendous! Unreasonable!


I am waffling about the feasibility of participating in NaNoWriMo this year.


Work bafflingly busy post-hurricane. People coming out of the woodwork and inquiries overseas, whilst we are still pulling ourselves back together. Yeesh.


Nov. 30th, 2007 06:13 pm
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Got my greedy lil paws on Lapham's Quarterly at last! Woo hoo!

ETA: Final NaNoWriMo count: 24375. Overall manuscript: 53002. Well it was a fair shot at least!
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Went wedding dress shopping with my friend Carla today which was lots of fun. In addition to being the awesome kind of person who can geek Battlestar Galactica while shopping, she also knows clothes stuff and how to do things. (Sad fact: without her, it is quite probably I would never have been able to *figure out* how to get into some of those things.) I found a dress I like a lot which I've been trying to find a picture of online and haven't yet. There was another dress I liked which I called the white "Six" dress as it looked like something Six from BSG would wear only white.

ETA: This is the one I call the Six dress. It looks much more modest on me as, well, I am not as upperly gifted as that model. Also, I don't stand at unnatural angles. Generally.

She also pointed out that the guy who plays Gaius Baltar played the gay friend in the Bridget Jones movies. I am never going to be able to look at Baltar again without hearing "Fight! Fight! Come on, it's a REAL Fight!!"

Um yeah.

ETA: NaNoWriMo Update: 23327.
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Got back to my NaNoWriMo today. Scott tells me not to be too hard on myself about it, but I can't help it. I'm encouraged to know I'm at least 1/2 through the thing, and if I just keep at it I'll have a draft in maybe even a month or so. (Let's be honest, probably not. But probably before spring anyway.) Oh well, here's hoping.
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For the sheer geeker-squee of it. I'm not into Xbox but if I was I'd totally buy this.


Thanksgiving went quite well. Scott fried turkey like a master and I handled the other stuff swimmingly. AND I behaved in a house full of conservative Catholics. I feel like I should be handed a small trophy of some sort.

Today went to see Dan in Real Life because there isn't a lot of town to show Scott's Mom. E.g. "And, um, this is the farmer's market. And the cowboy hat shop. And umm.." We went for a walk around campus and happened into the tailgating before the UT game. On the plus side, we got free hot dogs and buttons that say "Howdy" on them. But the movie was very enjoyable, and a quiet kind of funny. Steve Carrel relaxes the manic and is just deeply entertaining to watch, while Juliette Binoche is lovely as ever. Also, how not to like a movie where the protagonists fall in love in a bookstore?

My NaNoWriMo languishes. Once again I wonder why they think you should try to write a novel at the beginning of the holiday season. Argh.
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Word count: 18213.


It sounds foolish but I only realized yesterday that Thanksgiving is next week. Please cue "The Bumblebee" in the back-ground as I run about trying to put the home into a semblance of order before the chaos that is next Tuesday-Saturday.
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Wordcount: 14106.

Realized today that if I keep going the way I seem to be going I might break off the whole structure of the story. I think this is fixable, but it's unexpected. Still feel perky about it though.
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NaNoWriMo Update: 12339. Overall manuscript: 40966.
Passing the 40k mark deeply heartens me for some reason, I guess because I am now 10k words away from actual novel length, and a short hop there to publishable length.


Was sitting on the couch this afternoon contemplating my bookshelves, as I am wont to do at times. A couple of weeks ago I had a discussion with some friends wherein I explained my personal methods of book organization, which in my case is that I put books together with other books I think they'd get along with. Friend Jim wisely pointed out that finding something to get along with Nietzsche--who is currently sandwiched between Barthes and Kant (I am sure my lit theory teacher from UGA is all proud of this, btw)--is very difficult, and who/what would actually be suitable going there?

Well this afternoon I figured it out.

Superman, dangit. I needs me some Superman.


A reminder that the first issue of Lapham's Quarterly is out next week. A reminder to myself to visit B&N for that purpose.


Lastly, I watched Talk to Me tonight. It starred Don Ceadle and Chewitel Ejifor (one of those rare British actors who can do an American accent that doesn't get converted to Southern or Brooklynese) and was about DC radio DJ Petey Greene. It was a damn good movie, though sometimes they mixed up file footage and new footage badly. An okay James Brown impersonator at a concert interspersed with file footage of DC riots--it don't fly. But oh my god they were in front of Ben's Chilly Bowl and I got all kinds of homesick. And deeply craving a cheese burger and banana milkshake. Dammit.


More later.
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I'm starting to run into problems with my story due to the fact that I'm having to work through a number of scenes that are domestic or political in nature rather than daring-do. I'm worried I tell more than show, I'm putting in too much exposition, and that I keep saying the same damn thing over and over again. This frustration is thwarting my dedicated word count. Anyhow, here follows an excerpt from my unnamed fantasy in the hope that someone will say something.

ETA NaNoWriMo Tally: 10325.

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Any feedback would be BEYOND appreciated.

Of Ren Fair

Nov. 4th, 2007 11:13 pm
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I caught up on my NaNoWriMo today since I skipped yesterday because of Ren Fair.

Current total: 8210.



The Texas Renaissance Festival may be the largest Ren Fair I've ever been to. A couple things were odd though: it cost $19 to get in but they didn't give you a map/schedule, you had to buy it (we skipped, we're cheap); only about half of the people there and maybe less actually dressed up, which I thought was strange as dressing up is one of THE most fun things about it; and the acts all passed around bags or baskets at the end for tips, which I don't know that I've ever seen before. We cheerfully gave cash since it *is* what these people do for a living and helping good entertainers pay rent is a good thing (Particularly the Shakespeare group "The Sound and the Fury" who made me laugh so hard I cried multiple times), it just seemed strange and was unfamiliar.

Anyhow we went with friends and I had a lovely time looking at clothes with my friend Carla. We both splurged and she bought a corset (not the type mentiond below) and I got a very pretty Indian style skirt and halter top I can't wait to wear some time. We were both deeply tempted at this one corset store where they had reversible corsets on sale *coff* for about $290. We tried them on and I swear, it squinched me down to a 22inch waist and poofed my boobs up. (Sorry if it's TMI, but you really should've seen it! Hell, *I* want to see that again!) I had to do a Willow and say "Gosh, look at those!"

It was "Greek and Roman Bacchanalia" theme weekend so we saw a few people in togas and dressed as centurions and what have you. We even saw two guys in 300 rig, with the red capes and lil leather underoos. Thank god they both had the bods to pull it off. When you see that much of a man's butt, you want it to be non-traumatic.

And I think that's the moral of the day, really.
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4171. Woo!
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That's auspicious, don't you think?


I'm going to start giving daily totals to mark my progress this year. Here's hoping!
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...that Chalk, a film about and made in Austin TX is being Netflixed to me from one of their centers in Pennsylvania?? Seriously.


Yes yes I am NaNoWriMoing, I'm just very distractable today since my cold is finally gone and I'm all hyper. And it's not fair that while I'm trying to concentrate that the mail just came with the new issue of Harper's and a box from Amazon and that I have an attention span of a flea.


More later.
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Still fighting the stupid cold. God bless orange juice.


I'm trying to get revved up for NaNoWriMo this year. This is the first year I've ever had free time in November (heh) so I'm hoping to have a better-than-average gander at it. I have an 84 page Southdown manuscript I've been working on this fall and want to get some significant work added to it--don't worry, I've noted the number of words thus far, and will only count new content as NaNoWriMo production.

I've been quite depressed the last couple of months, cos hey, major life changes. Not having a job bugs, as does the boringness of Texas. My aunt's death doesn't help either. It takes real effort to get me to be productive--god knows how many emails I owe people I just haven't gotten around to writing because I feel like it will devolve into me whining, and I *hate* whining (contrary proof on this site notwithstanding). When my cold is all better and I won't feel like contagion-on-legs I plan on going to the Starbucks a few blocks away to write.

It's funny, but years ago writing was the easiest thing I could think of. I could sit down at the computer and chuck out pages and pages a day, cheerfully. Now I just feel kinda scared. I remember being good, but now I keep secondguessing myself. Which is admittedly something every writer does, but still, there is terror there there wasn't before. And I am fighting that along with everything else.

I also hope to hear about a job app soon. They said in their materials they would start reviewing applicants on Nov. 1 and boy do I have my fingers crossed.
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This is set after a series of stories I wrote a few years ago for a fiction seminar. I think I use more than I should of the open chapter doing exposition; normally I do that through dialogue but it's so immediately after events that there's no reason to recap and I'm currently resisting adding a person who would be hearing the exposition--I think it would take things too much out of the other characters perspectives. So, here we go:

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