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Scott flew in yesterday and we are having our first non-familial vacation in five years. We spent yesterday afternoon exploring Chinatown and today we walked all over Old Town. We toured the Notre Dame Basilica, which made me kind of sad: it's a gorgeous old cathedral filled with paintings and intricate sculptures and people taking selfies. There was a tiny, transparent-walled-off area for people who actually want to pray; one sad-looking woman was in there. This made me sad, and frustrated with the Christian faith as I so often have been. Like, I'm sure the money collected from the tourists--and, btw, the exit of the building concluded with a gift shop, of course--goes to the historic building's upkeep, but--it just seems odd and sad to have a location of faith transformed into a location of performance, if that makes sense.

Anyway, after that we walked down to a street of shops including some lovely art galleries, including a gallery of Inuit art. In a prominent spot was a statue of a Shaman throttling a Christian priest, and I loved it. Like, not only is it this image of an indigenous avatar abusing the invader, but it just so aptly demonstrated how I felt after leaving the church, so.

Then we went to the history museum of Montreal, which was a lot of fun, and then tonight we went to a Polish cafe where we had one of the most amazing meals I've had in ages: borscht, a charcuterie plate of pate, cheese, pickles, and pork stuffed with prunes, and bread, and then a plate of pierogies, potato pancakes, bigos, and kriti, with a peach crumble and sweet cream to start. SO AMAZING AND DELICIOUS O.M.G. Just. Yeah.

Anyway, tomorrow we are going to Quebec City!
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So I spent Spring Break in Atlanta with Scott, taking it easy. I feel like myself for the first time in ages.

So, first off, here is a foodie picspam:

A Cupcake Martini from Kellykakes in Roswell. IT TASTES LIKE CUPCAKE!

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Two articles of mine came out over the weekend:

That Girl: Bella, Buffy, and the Feminist Ethics of Choice in Twilight and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You should read it if only because it contains the single most offensive sentence ever published in Slayage, at least according to the copy editor. *G*

The Contraband Incident: The strange case of Marion Zimmer Bradley. Fanfic and copyright issues, and my other great obsession, MZB.

Lastly, I've been watching one of the crackiest movies I've ever seen: Angel. It reminds me a lot of Cold Comfort Farm but even more crackier.

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Okay that's all I got. For now at least.
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Went to GA for the weekend. Was delayed over six hours Friday night, so instead of getting off the plane at 6 and meeting myhusband for dinner I disembarked at midnight. Blah. Oh and I had taken two books to read and finished them, and yeah, thank goodness for my iPod so I had something to occupy myself with.

Saturday was errands and exploring the area. Scott's in an upscale 'burb that reminds me a lot of Columbia--all the chi-chi chains and stores and things, bikepaths, etc. We went to a bagel place for breakfast (mmmmm....real bagels) and then to a nearby aquarium store to gawk.

Dude. That store. First off I have never been in a fish store that took care of their fish so well. Each of the smaller tanks had maybe 1-3 fish in them so they were all healthy and brilliantly colored. And they were mostly fancy fish. Like, seriously, in one tank there was a Hawaiian Dragon Eel for $899.99.

This lil fella needs a home!

After that we went to find a used book store, because did I mention how I ran out of reading material and still had another leg of a trip? Anyhow, we found a nice shop called Books for Less that had a truly splendid Scifi section that encompassed a quarter and possibly a third of the store. (They were also a Christian bookstore, but their selection was among the best I've seen in a while, and didn't seem to effect their holdings so much.)

I bought Pamela Dean's Tam Lin which I had heard good things about, and oh my, it's lovely. I read about half of it today. It retells the story fo Tam Lin from a liberal arts college in the early seventies. Something about her writing really reminds me of Madeline L'Engle's stuff in the dialogue--the way characters will talk about books and movies and music, but not in a self-conscious way, just the way that people talk about those things. The dialogue and banter of the characters is very realistic and I guess what I really like is thus far it's been two hundred pages of people just being people: riding buses, talking about classes, geeking out, eating mediocre cafeteria food, dorking around. *looks shifty* I know nothing of this. *coff* Anyhow I'm totally going to be looking up the rest of her stuff through ILL.

Saturday night we got to visit with Karen and Shelby, who are among our favorite people in the world, and who we hadn't seen since, holy shit, 2008? Criminy. WELL WE'LL BE SEEING YOU GUYS A LOT MORE NOW. *S*

Sunday we went to a bbq at my sister's. She and my brother aren't talking to each other again--not sure what it is this time. Sigh. If I'd known in advance I would have tried to find time to visit him, too. It's times like this when I have to wonder at the fact that I'm the baby of the family and have a million phobias but I can generally be a friggin' grown up most of the time.

Huge props to the Familia Samuelson who looked in on my kitties. They are spoiled as ever and wanting cuddles. (Varamathras is currently in the way of my computer screen. Any typos? blame him.)

Anyhow. So now I'm home for a few weeks and can maybe sort of catch up on, oh--Life. Movers are coming next week for Scott's stuff and I'll be taking the day off to supervise. I think the back room will become a study of some sort. I dunno. There will be odd holes around the house with a bunch of stuff in Atlanta. This Friday Carla's taking me out to get my hair done (birthday treat!) and I may go dark red again, as I'm starting to hate the gray hedge witch look. Don't get me wrong, I like being a hedge witch, it's the Looking the Part that gets me.

Stay tuned, folks.

More later,
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Another day of mad dashing around. Met Andrew for an early dinner and had a good chat. I gave him a copy of the SF exhibit catalog, which he of course thought was awesome.

So I'm all packed up and ready to go, again. I am so, so tired of traveling right now.

After meeting with some friends the other night, I came to the somehow astonishing realization that I'm one of THOSE people. The kind who never stops. At all times I'm attached to my laptop, to my phone, or to my iPod and I'm doing SOMETHING. The closest I get to recreation right now is writing fic or watching netflix. (Which, btw, how did I miss The Legend of the Seeker? It's a Raimi/Tappert production for crying out loud! Though sadly missing the awesome disclaimers of Herc and Xena (and also, Karl Urban, but they probably can't afford him anymore, sigh), it does have New Zealand, New Zealandey actors (again, not Karl Urban, SIGH, but loads of people I recognize from Herc/Xena/etc), and cheeseballery.


Friends Jim and Melanie also sent me the following:

Since you have become a prolific writer, we have a challenge for you! A story involving all of the ST/ST:TNG/etc characters that are played by Majel Barrett. (Number 1, Nurse Chapel, M'Ress from the planet Cait(!?!), Lwaxana Troi, Ship Computer Voice...) Also, ideally, the bridge must be manned only by women, including an embryonic Beverly Crusher carrying a hyper intelligent Wesley Crusher egg. (Note that in egg form, his sex would not be determined, hence the femaleness. Humans do not always work this way (tribbles do!), but Wesley has always been special.) Alternately, work in the Great Cat Massacre (which Jim was coincidentally reading about when I told him of your printer-Jim stories.) Or, um, get tenure.

I consider myself dared. I'll see what I can do about that. Or, y'know, getting tenure. And stuff.
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This morning, as I catch the airport shuttle:

Driver: Didn't I pick you up last week??
Me: Yes.
Driver: And didn't your husband just get back from a trip, too??
Me: Yes...
Driver: Aren't ya'll EVER at home??
Me: ...Yes?


Anyhow, in DC for ALA. Looking forward to catching up with some friends and stuff. My hotel room has a balcony, which is cool, cos I don't think I've ever had one of those before.

And okay yeah, the view mostly sucks, but still!! (That really big building just outside is the Housing and Urban Development Department.)

Anyhow, very long day traveling and I'm kind of addled, so I ate in the hotel bar, which is cheaper than the hotel restaurant, but nonetheless still involved me shilling out $20 for a sandwich.

Now in fairness, this is a fancy sandwich. Ostensibly filet mignon, carmelized onions and peppers, and brie. And french fries. Tasty. But still.

Dessert was more awesome though. It was genoise with mango mousse.

Full disclosure: I totally got that because I wasn't sure what the hell a genoise is. Was. Well, anyhow, according to it is a "light yellow cake made with eggs and butter and typically layered, filled, and frosted or made into petits fours for serving." And it was DAMN TASTY.

I also wrote a bit while I waited, cos I hate going out by myself, but I do like food particularly when I haven't had any in like ten hours and all.

So this is a longhand fragment for a WIP tentatively titled "Gathering of Leaves" which would be a series of vignettes/short stories of the folks from the printer!verse of Common Grounds. Although as [ profile] gadgetorious pointed out that fic is probably going to be frikking huge and I should try breaking it up, and as I pointed out I'd like to finish a few things so I can get back to work on some original fic. Which, btw, I made some notes for a novel I'm half-writing on a dare, tentatively titled The Printer's Grammar, and I've got a book with me for research purposes that I've dabbled in.

(Which, sidewaysedly, thanks to everyone who's been loaning me books for my airport hell this month. Now I will try to finish them all and get them back to you in a reasonably non-downtrodden condition.)

More later!
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In Florida for Slayage. Got up at 5 am this morning to get shuttle to the airport, then the plane had vent issues so it was hot AND bumpy as hell as we rode out the leftover storms from yesterday. Got shuttle to hotel with no fuss, and got a calzone from a pizza place across the street, and now I'm in my hotel room some place between exhausted and WIRED.

(I hate traveling. Have you noticed that?)

Toying with the idea of just taking it easy tonight and getting up tomorrow all cheerful and ready for my talk, or going ahead and going to the registration and get together thing tonight. Pros: meeting people, recon. Cons: moving, may well sound like bibbling idiot due to three hours of sleep being an issue.

Anyhow, this is the first time I've been to Florida in like seven years. I'm basically in an uber-touristy area and everything is all faded and gross, and, well, in the shuttle I was working on this idea of how Florida is like literally a state of entropy and stuff, but now my brain is gone.

...I think a nap is called for. Stay tuned.
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Today was the final day of PCA. I went to several roundtables but was honestly sufficiently fatigued to be on the fried side and have nothing to show for it mentally. Went out to lunch and dinner with a bunch of people. Also visited the Left Bank Bookstore and purchased some books and back to the chocolate shop to pick up sweets for friends and llamas.

Flying home tomorrow afternoon, and really looking forward to seeing Scott, Sylvanas, Varamathras, and Alleria again.

A final picspam:

That last is an upwards shot of the arch with the sun looking down. Needs moar lensflare.

Will hopefully have my fic posted soon!

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Although if you attend a Twilight talk where the following words are used in any combination, you will not win my lovely sushi dinner pictured below!

*White privilege

Seriously, people, it's like you're all giving the same talk. If this were a drinking game, I'd have been under the table by 9am.

Anyhow. Sushi dinner picspam now.

There, wasn't that better?

Anyhow, so my talk went seriously great. One panelist dropped out so it was me and another presenter and we had like a solid hour of Q&A, and it was all solid questions that were great.

Speaking of questions, and back to Twilight, it is occuring to me that there's all this discussion of presenting the books to young girls so very carefully because their poor delicate little brains could be spoiled by the naughty parochialism/mormonism/anti-feminism/what the fuck ever. Okay. Um. So why doesn't this happen with boys? Cos I highly doubt anyone is EVER gonna sit down with an eleven year old boy and be all, "Now here's this copy of Harry Potter, but we should have a talk first. You should know that magic isn't real, and you're not ever going to be asked to save the world, and the principal of your school is never going to invite you into his office for candy and to see his exotic pets. Just sayin.'" Seriously, wtf people?

Okay, I'm so fried now. Off to my bunk!
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*No librarians are either.**

**I forget the context of these remarks. But they were really funny when said earlier.

Yeah, so PCA?

Um. This is your brain:

This is your brain on PCA:

Well if you're me, anyhow. No, seriously, I spent like six consecutive hours listening to talks on Twilight. A lot of them were about Mormonism in the books, and stuff. Also, race issues. Also, um, other things. It's all kinda blurry right now really. And yeah, several more days of this.

Also, my talk will be tomorrow. Not on Twilight. Wish me luck!

Anyhow, I adopted a couple of poor Australians.

This is James and Shalameeka. They are very nice and cool. We went exploring the city this morning. It has an arch. Betcha didn't know that, did ya. Right, so St. Louis is an odd city. Most places have a clearly distinct business section and then a watering hole area, and then a cool hipsterey area. Here? It's all mushed up. It's kinda hilarious, you walk past the hotel and there's a couple upscale restaurants, then like six bars in a row, then you have a corner where you can choose between gelato or piercings and tattoos. One can only imagine the accidents when too much drinkies are had and you walk into one of these establishments by accident. "Yes, I want the mint ice cream cone!" "Sure, where?" ... Yeah.

We also hit an excellent chocolate cafe (Yes. A chocolate cafe) earlier. I got dark hot chocolate with a homemade marshmallow:

YUM. And then we each got a truffle:

I got the mushroom-looking one. It had a piece of caramel inside chocolate, with some kind of crunchy nougatey stuff in the mushroom "cap." It was pretty awesome. But the place had stuff like violet truffles and earl grey truffles and it's like Willy Wonka for grown-ups basically.

Anyhow. I'm about to go practice my talk a few more times. (Note to self: If you wear a "Talk Nerdy To Me" tshirt at a nerd conference and hang in the hotel lobby posting on lj, people are gonna start asking you how to connect to wifi. Must be the tshirt. Second note to self: Wear different tshirt tomorrow.) More later!
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It was only a matter of time before the cheesiness. You know it.

Speaking of cheese, check out this cheese platter we got at Mosaic Tapas tonight:

The pipette has a red wine reduction in it. I am keen to reproduce this thing.

More later!
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So the cats have seen the bag and they know what that means. They were sitting on my clothes, glaring.

Going to Boston for ALA tomorrow. On the plus side, the weather there will be "warmer" than the cold front we had last week.

Anyhow, Friday I'm going to BU to check out the Bradley papers, then Saturday and Sunday will be checking out the meetings, then coming back on Monday.


In other news, I got to do my first rare book buy today at work. I called the seller and negotiated a discount and a send-on-approval for a first British ed of Lord of the Rings. It was awesome. I feel like a player now, or something.
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So tomorrow it looks like it might actually snow, so OF COURSE tomorrow is the day a colleague and I have to road trip to Austin to meet with donors. Plus tomorrow night Scott wants me to forego Dollhouse to go to a math party. ARGH. Sigh. Hopefully it will all work out. Wish me luck!!!!
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Some things you should know about me, according to wii Fit: I am unbalanced (I trip when I walk!), overweight, and my Wii Age is 48. For what it's worth, Scott is also unbalanced, overweight, and his Wii Age is 44. So we both made workouts. In the next three months I'm going to try to lose twenty pounds, work on my upper body strength, and center of balance. Worked out for about an hour tonight--I feel nice and trembly. Scott's aiming lower--five pounds in one month. (I bet he wins.)

Anyhow, the yoga and exercise instructions are good. Just make sure you have lots of room. Also, it helps if your dog isn't trying to play with you at the same time. Or groom you. I was doing twists and she started licking my feet, and the Wii kept yelling "STAY ON THE BOARD! YOUR ABS WON'T EXERCISE THEMSELVES!" which duh, but puppy tongue between toes? Really distracting.

At any rate, I really just want to get my upper-body strength vastly improved by mid-March for the next exhibit installation so I can be better at moving cases. Since our new grad student is way twiggy, it's really down to T-Man and me, and while he is buff, he is not that buff. (Seriously, vitrine moving? Is HARD.) So yeah, that's my goal. Also, to not be half-dead for BHW in May, either. Fingers crossed!!!


In other news, heading to Baltimore/DC Tuesday night. Will be attending DarkoverCon over Thanksgiving, doing some interviews for some articles, moderating two panels, and otherwise trying to behave. :D

Happy Turkey Day to all in advance!!!
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I meant to blog from ICFA, but the hotel's free wireless was utter crap. Got back home a while ago and have been going through the load of email backlogged. Sigh.

So. ICFA. Bestest conference ever. All the talks were interesting, I probably got pound-for-pound as many free books as I did from ALA, only hardcover SF that I'm looking forward to reading. This is not counting the stuff I bought (obligatory tshirt, inexpensive autographed books, etc). In short: my trusty old duffel is now dead.

I also got to play a great game I am going to buy shortly. It is called Shock and is freeform social Science Fiction.

The cats are very pleased we are home. More later.
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Well, only the "going to Georgia" part.

I finally got the crap virus that's been going around, and rather than spend the next few days traveling AND hacking up uckiness (amongst other things), we figured the better part of valor was to just exchange our Christmas plane tickets for Easter ones and for me to stay in bed, or at least the couch.

So now I'm making the rounds of calls while Scott goes for more o.j.

Well, here's something seasonal anyhow.

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Looks like I'm going to Denver in January to be a panelist. Yay, I think.
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We got in at 2am today. Then I went to work at 9. That was fun: grande mochas make the world better.

So it's insane how awesome Californai is. Utterly gorgeous. Beautiful climate. Real cities. Yeah.

I went to City Lights Bookstore and bought a tshirt and an obligatory of Howl. Well another one anyway, reproduced to look like the original pamphlet. It's cute.

We also went to a random "Antique Paper Show" which was really postcards, photos, and miscellaneous posters and scraps and stuff. Random but entertaining.

Am applying for a scholarship to Rare Book School next year. Fingers crossed.

Winding Up

Jul. 26th, 2008 01:11 pm
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I'm killing time until my flight home this afternoon. I love Charlottesville but I'll be so glad to see Scott and our furbabies again!!!!


Jul. 20th, 2008 04:31 pm
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Spent the day exploring Monticello today. There were excellent tours of the house, the gardens, and the plantation. For instance, I learned that TJ had a yearly pea-growing competition with his neighbors and he was a big fan of vegetables.

Shortly will be going to the Rare Book School Orientation. I hope I can geek out with people--I'm really lonely here which is a darn shame as there is just so much neat stuff going on!

Also? I *really* miss bagels with lox in TX. Guess what I had for breakfast this AM? Oh yeah!


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