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So CSECS went quite well; I gave my paper and got several kind comments and some folks who are interested because of their own research. Through happenstance I met Don Nichols, a big Alexander Pope scholar, who had just finished a project identifying a "lost" printer of The Dunciad of 1720, which, turns out, was Susannah Collins. So he wanted my contact info in case he has questions trying to make sense of other things. so I got to feel Quite Smart.

Also got to go to Macleod's Books, which, being in Vancouver, made my little Highlander fangirl self happy. Even better, I made out like a bandit, getting a 2 vol. reprint of the Encylopedia of Typographical Anecdotes, Plomer's English Printers' Ornaments, and a couple other bookish odds and ends.

Then I got home and nearly had a heart-attack as Varamathras had run off, and we eventually found him hiding under our porch, where he preceded to stay for the next 36 hours, and eventually I lulled him out with kibble, and ye gods, stressful.

Anyway, tomorrow, or, ah, in 5 hours, I'm heading to Rochester NY to go to APHA and hang out with Todd. So, my delight at getting to see my best bestie just about outweighs my existential terror of flying. So.
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My French is rudimentary at best, but nonetheless I love speaking it. This morning I had an unpronouncable chocolate and coffee drink and the barista put pink sprinkles on the whipped cream and it was the best thing ever, except for that time I had a vanilla mocha with [ profile] browngirl.

I'm in a tiny little dorm room at McGill University. The place has no AC, because Canada, I suppose. The one thing I don't like is that there aren't any appetizing places to eat in the immediate block: lots of cheap food for undergrads and some higher-end places for faculty, I guess. Well tomorrow night I promise myself I'll take a book and go to one of them--I opted to not get tickets to the conference banquet because in my experience those things always end up with an entire table chatting animatedly away as they all know each other and me, silent and to the side awkwardly. So I am way better off with a book!

The SHARP conference is going well enough--certainly better than other book history-related things I've been to. (Book historians tend to gather along the spectrum of Extremely Awkward Introverts and Asinine Egomaniacs with a handful of chill people in the middle. I flatter myself I'm towards the middle myself, needless to say.) All of the papers today were interesting, even the one in French that I only partially understood.

I meant to write a longer post, but I am tired, and honestly don't remember what else was on my mind, so.
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Having dinner at airport, waiting on my last flight. I am lagged and kinda retarded right now, but I'll be home in a few hours so all good. Of course then I have a crap load of chores to do, but still. :)
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Eating breakfast at the airport. SFO is a waaaaaay segregated airport, so even though we're flying out of the same terminal but different gates, we had to say goodbye after getting our tickets. On top of that, it was "too early" to check-in for my connecting flight to College Station, so I'll have to pick up my second ticket at the gate in Houston. Sigh. I'm glad I built in some extra layover time so I could grab dinner then. I've mentioned before how much I dislike flying, right?

Anyhow. I'm glad to be heading home, but vacation was damn nice. Stay tuned.
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Am not throwing up. Can clearly call this decade a win and done.
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So the weather today was quite nice so we rode down through Carmel and Big Sur. My cold attempted to rally and nursing a low grade fever and mild grumpiness we forwent hiking and instead went to the Hearst Castle, which I got a kick out of largely because of Xanadu in Citizen Kane. We had dinner at a great Iranian place in Monterey, and when the hostess asked us if we'd ever had Iranian food before and we were like yes, she asked if we were in the army. This greatly entertained me. Scott pointed out that there's a US Army language school in town so it makes sense, but I pointed out that we hardly look the part (him all scruffy, me with long hair and cargo pants and Emergency!coffee tee).

Anyhow I am nursing some tea and hoping the cold goes away. It's very annoying because I want to go out and have fun, except I also want to do nothing but curl up in a blanket with tea. *grump*

I have been behaving though, not checking work email or working. I wrote maybe half a paragraph of fic but that's mostly because Scott keeps interrupting me. Silly whicket!!

Aquarium tomorrow for realsies though.
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You can buy wine at the CVS. On a Sunday.

I feel oddly provincial. Or possibly just more easily entertained than usual.

Scott pulled out Cannery Row and said I must read it, so I am. No, I've not read it, the only Steinbeck I've read is East of Eden and though I quite liked it I never went back for more.

We also bought two copies of The Possessed, adventures with Russian Books and the People Who Read Them at a shop at Ferries Marketplace, and read the first chapter together tonight in front of the fireplace. (Our room has a fireplace. I've never been to a B&B before but I love this one!!)

Tomorrow we will go to the Aquarium.

I'm trying to soak in every detail of everything so I can write later, properly. Scott says fic is too much like work, but lets me get away with blogging--hahaha!

I think we quite confused one of the other couples staying here. We're in different cities and in California because we wanted to be. Not sure why that's so odd, but they seemed pretty staid, so who knows.

Trying to figure out plots. I wish I wasn't so sleepy!! Jetlag sucks.
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Woke up this morning feeling like my usual self. At the B&B; it is lovely. They have cookies!!

The drive to Monterey was beautiful. I like looking at the sky here--there's echoes of dark clouds against the light, and the trees on the hilltops look like slashes of calligraphy. We drove through some rain and there were heavy patches of mist like smoke in the air.

So I'm sitting on the couch in the common area and Scott put the Cheshire Cat behind my head for a photo. I took some photos but my iPad doesn't like my automatic files set up, so it is likely there will just be a massive pic spam when I get home next week.


Nov. 20th, 2010 04:42 pm
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Flight was delayed so ended up getting to CA at midnight/2am Texas time. Exhaustion, stress etc seem to have gotten to me--I've been sore and quivery all day. So we're taking it easy and will go play properly tomorrow. I'm downing oj and Dayquil in an attempt to nip this thing in the bud. It is foggy and misting where we are and because I am a fool, I think it's perfect.
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Okay, so tomorrow night I'm flying to CA for a week of vacation with Scott. *grins like a happy goof* The Familia Samuelson will be kindly taking care of the furchildren for me once again. So I'll be on friends-only mode for the week while I'm traveling.

I have also promised


that I will not

*check work email
*send work email
*take work with me
*do work

Lyndsey and Jenni have also said that if they see any emails from me that aren't going on about the great time I'm having they will email Scott and tell him to take my computer way. And also, apparently, if they decide they REALLY need me they are going to get Todd to pretend to be. He promises he will wave his arms over his head at appropriate intervals and make snide comments. So I suppose that everyone will have to SURVIVE WITHOUT ME.


(...Um, if you can't, you'll totally let me know, right? Cos you need me? And all?)
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Sitting at the airport. Have obtained: goldfish crackers, a coke, Details magazine (!),and cheese curds (IDEFK, but that's what they have here).

Will get in tonight a bit after seven, so home around eight. I can't wait to see the fur children, though I know my friends have been taking good care of them.

Watching some sort of gregarious family reunion group meeting at our gate. It's like watching a Hallmark movie or something.

Anyhow, gonna sit back and read a bit. More later!

ETA: Home safe! Yay!
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So we went exploring a little bit this evening. We found a nice used bookshop, the kind that's several stories of books, most for only a couple dollars each, all higgeldy-piggledy and yon. Lo, and here are my treasures:

I got several Bradley paperbacks, a few Star Trek novels, a TOS photo-zine, a random 1970s "Witch" zine, and "The Phoenix Trilogy" that I had never heard of but that she deemed as must-read.

Then we went to dinner at Mader's, one of the oldest pubs in the city. It opened in 1902 and was uber-German. I got the pork shank and a black forest cherry cake. Num!!

Afterwards Candy and I walked back to the hotel, randomly discussing superhero movies.

Me: And Thor comes out next summer. Chris Hemsworth in tight shirts! Sign. Me. Up.
Candy: Yeah, you're not shallow at all.
Me: Nope. I have layers. Lots of 'em. (pause) Like an onion really.
Candy: Yeah, totally. There's the Chris layer, the Karl layer, the other Chris layer...
Me: Any resemblance I may have to that statement there is completely accurate.
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At the hotel, back from dinner, half-retarded from long day. Thus, a picspam:

Milwaukee skyline from our hotel:

Which is apparently where someone tried to kill Teddy Roosevelt:

There's an AWESOME Thai place across the street though. For dinner, we had

-Thai beef jerky (which was fucking amazing)

-Pineapple duck curry (cf. omg the amazing)

-And drinkies! I had the Strawberry Colada and Candy had the Typhoon, which she described as a Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster irl.

Yeah. So, we're here. I'm mentally writing my review of the SF anthology and plan to spend tomorrow morning working on article revisions. I have declared my talk "good enough" and am still waiting to hear when they'll fit me in. Keeps things interesting. Another presenter is doing a paper on Reboot fanfic so I shot her an email asking her if she wants to go to coffee while we're here, since I'm working on a paper that's pretty much the exact opposite of her talk. So.

More later!!
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So I finally heard back from some conference people and they are going to figure out a place to put me. YAY. I finishd a draft of my talk today. I don't know if it will get better but I did a practice read and I don't think it sucked too much. Not the best work I've ever done by a long shot, but so it goes.

Got the Wesleyan Anthology of SF in the mail. I'm writing a review of it so that will be my plane reading.

Also packing extra books so I can finish revisions on that Buffy article.

I may well be holed up most of this trip writing. I can live with this.

Major thanks to the Familia Samuelson who will be taking care of my furchildren. In my absence my posts will be Friends Only, but I will post updates as can. :)
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On the van home, listening to Beowulf in OE and writing fic.

Thought I would share, because I'm laughing at myself right now.
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Basic air travel needs are a soda, Reese's Pieces, and Harper's Magazine. I can now get through the next few hours with my iPod.

So when I was in Security they had a random test check. All I know is from where I was the guards yelled "Cease all movement!" and everyone just froze, and you could've heard a pin drop. Then a few minutes later a guy in a uniform by the machines explained it was a drill and thanked everyone for following requests and for remaining vigilant.

It was odd. And then I got to go in one of the new x-Ray machines. That was interesting.
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Yeah so the thing about traveling across the International Date Line is it so screws up your sense of time. We basically had two Wednesdays, both of which were very long. Oy. I got to catch up on movies on the plane.

I really liked Waitress even though I didn't get to see the whole thing because the sound was blippy. Nathon Fillion is so very pretty. Andy Griffith had a great role as a cranky ol' git. I want pie. Year of the Dog was weird and had the same sound problem. I got to see Spidey 3 again.

Book reviews: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare: read this when you can't get your Harry Potter fix. HP meets Buffy. Yummy. Inglorious by Joanna Kavena: very good novel about having a breakdown. When Darkness Falls by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory: satisfying conclusion to a fantasy trilogy. Got through the first third of the new Kushiel's Justice novel before our final flight.

Note: Never book United with multiple connections. Pure. Unmitigated. Traveling Hell.

Okay, time to get on the road again. More later.

Brief Note

Aug. 14th, 2007 12:00 am
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First free net access in days--my email was scary. I'll be flying home tomorrow: gulp! Too tired to type much but much more later, I promise!
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Yesterday we took it comparatively easy, and slept in for us (by which I mean, 8am. Between time zones and a lack of daylight savings time, we keep getting up at around 5:30am...). We went to another shrine and a nearby flea market. Scott bought a pretty scroll painting we'll get framed back home, and I found a beautiful white embroidered kimono for $10 which still leaves me gobsmacked--and also wishing I'd combed through that bin for more, cos $10 trinkets for everyone would be positively cheap! Then we took a Shinkansen back to Nagoya, which is thankfully western: private showers! Yes!! And gods love 'em, they leave you a large pitcher of ice water. (Japan does Florida shame on humidity and numbers of cicadas.)

Today was Scott's first day at the Nagoya conference, so I accompanied him to the University to kill time as nothing opens until like 10am around here. On my own, I went to the Orchid Gardens, which is pretty funny as it's designed "with the image of a make believe European diplomat (Mr. Agonya Orchid) in mind." Yes, this is from the brochure. So it's basically a fake European house (which is actually pretty nice--you could sit and read books on flowers in the study, or chat or nap on the couches in the living room) with an atrium and a large garden and lots and lots of pretty flowers. Also amusing was their seasonal decorations, which were this summer...pirates! Yes, paper mache pirates and soldiers and cannons climbing over the tops of a greenhouse. Yes I will post pictures later. They had a nice little French restaurant where I had a nice lunch (how often can you get French lunches for $8? And in Japan?!) and then went trinket shopping at one of the big department stores, Matzusakaya, nearby.

And let me tell you, these people know how to SHOP. This one store was three nine floor buildings of, um, everything. They even had a mini-museum, art gallery, and KIMONO store. I went to the latter for kicks, innocently thinking for some reason if it was a mall type place they sell kimonos that are y'know, normal store priced. HA! I walk in, the cheapest thing I see is around $1000. Now I hate going into expensive stores, I guess cos I'm afraid I'll get kicked out for not being up to scratch, but I figure, "Hey, how many times will I ever get to go to a real kimono shop?" So I look around and try not to turn green at these thousands and thousands of dollars worth of pretty things. Interestingly I only saw older women shopping there--the madams (or whatever they're called) of the geisha houses do the shopping maybe? Who knows. Then I scurried back to the normal stores to buy pretty paper and trinkets for the kids of the family.

Tomorrow night we're off to Kobe for the next conference. Stay tuned...


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