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All Star Trek stories are Kirk/McCoy unless otherwise stated.
All Avengers stories are Steve/Tony unless otherwise stated.
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What if the X-Men were black?


In the alternate universe where the all mutants are black, many events in the X-Men history become actual social commentary because they are dealing with real dimensions of power. Reading about black teenagers standing up to a largely white mob is different than reading about white teenagers in the same situation. These images show that when the writers of the X-Men do comment on social issues, the meaning of these comments is hampered and distorted by the translations from reality to fantasy and fantasy back to reality.

Re-coloring the X-Men so that all mutants are people of color not only makes the themes of discrimination more relevant, it also introduces hundreds of non-white characters who are complex and fully realized. This is something that’s lacking from the current Marvel Universe. Why is Psylocke not only an Asian person of British descent, but also a ninja? Why is Storm not simply a mutant of color, but an African witch-priestess? As comics great Dwayne McDuffie said, “You only had two types of characters available for children. You had the stupid angry brute and the he’s-smart-but-he’s-black characters.” There’s certainly more roles for a non-white characters now than when he said that in 1993, but most super hero comics are written about characters that were invented decades ago. By recoloring the comics, we can grandfather characters into the Marvel Universe who are not defined by their race.

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Link to DAYS OF FUTURE PAST trailer. Tried to embed but lj is being evil and I canNOT waste all day on this. BUT OMG YOU GUYS YOU GUYS!
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Is that the Cap 2 trailer makes me want to sit down and start writing academic papers about popular representations of government policies in comics and the stills of X-Men: Days of Future Past make me want to write fic.

I blame pics like this one:

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So for about a year now it's been my headcanon that Cap liberated Magneto from the camps when he was a young boy in the war, and that they'd meet again in the twenty-first century. In an awful meeting today, I finally got to write that out:

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Anyway. Life remains ridiculous. Funny how fic helps, isn't it?
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Title: Moon Shines Full On You
Author: caitri
Rating: PG
Pairings: River/Logan, Simon/Kaylee
Word Count: 2417
Summary: How Serenity got a new crewmember. An X-Men/Firefly crossover.
Disclaimer: I know this may come as a shock, but I am not, amazing as it may seem, Joss Whedon or Stan Lee.Just so you know. With apologies to Hugh Jackman, for what it’s worth.
A/N: For [ profile] gadgetorious, just because.

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First, I promised I'd share Helene's blog, TBR Number One, in which she cheerfully eviscerates the Times' bestseller lists. She was reading David McCullough on the trip to Baton Rouge, so stay tuned for her next essay.


The Story of the Story of O is an interesting essay about the making of the work and its author.

The author said later that Story of O, written when she was forty-seven, was based on her own fantasies. She was influenced, too, by her lover’s admiration for the Marquis de Sade. Later she described her feverish writing process as “writing the way you speak in the dark to the person you love when you’ve held back the words of love for too long and they flow at last … without hesitation, without stopping, rewriting, discarding … the way one breathes, the way one dreams.”


Time for some XMFC love:


both via Fuck Yeah Charles and Erik.


I have had ridiculous writing block and the attention-span of a flea today. I've got some vacation coming up soon which I hope will recharge my batteries, but mostly I'm kind of alarmed and how quickly the summer is going by and how much stuff I still have to do. In other words, should there be radio silence--hopefully it means I'm being uber-productive.
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...I see this:

and it makes me think of them:

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Also I need Charles/Erik icons like, yesterday.

ETA I adore the interviwer's WTELF?!face, and then he tries to stop Fassbender from finishing singing and fails utterly. Brilliant!
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So: If you haven't seen it yet, for gods' sake stay through the very of the credits as Marvel Inc. seems intent on putting crucial scenes there.

Discussion after cut.

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Oct. 25th, 2008 05:19 pm
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So I'm invited to speak on two panels and moderate a third at the con I'm going to in November; I'm quite delighted with this.


I've decided I will do NaNoWriMo this year. I bought a notebook today and made some preliminary notes for next week.


All my work projects are keeping me uber-busy but they are going well and people are pleased all the way around thus far. This knowledge helps me keep the momentum going.


Got the new Astonishing X-Men today. God, I love Warren Ellis.


My blood elf hunter dinged to 70 last night, just in time for the expansion to be released in three weeks. Awesome!!
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Source 1. X-Men. Holy cow.

a) Mohinder is like stealing Beast's origin story wholesale. From Wikipedia: Hank isolates a "hormonal extract" allowing anyone to become a mutant for a short period of time, and uses the mutagenic serum on himself... *coff*

b) Days of Future Past and Days of Future Present ripped wholesale.

If Claire starts sporting a red leather catsuit with spikes and tats...yeah...

Source 2. Hulk.

Mohinder is freakishly green and veiny.

Source 3. Babylon 5.

Bruce Boxleitner for five whole minutes!!!!

Source 4. Greek mythology.

Pandora's Box much?

Source 5. Veronica Mars!

We missed you, Weevil!

Source 6. Watchmen.

Welcome back Ozymandias. Er, I mean, Mr. Linderman.

Some final notes for the ep:

Okay, Buffy Summers would be deeply ashamed of Claire. I mean, doesn't *everyone* know at this point that when dealing with a telekinetic you attack the head and DON'T STOP UNTIL THE BRAIN PAN IS MUSH?! Just sayin'.

I wonder if the African dude is Isaac reincarnated?

Also, how awesome would it have been if Matt could have heard the thoughts of the turtle? Cos that would be hellacool.
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If I can't have Joss writing my X-Men, I'm glad Ellis is replacing him.


Bring back Pete Wisdom?!!!!


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