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FUCK they have so much type here. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Like, they have a set of Tudor Black Letter and I WANTS IT PRECIOUS, yes.

Also, I have missed staying up late setting type with Todd. Damn have I missed that. Interchanging companionable silence for occasionally wacky digressions, such as:

ME: So I've been watching Vikings--
TODD: You and your Viking kink, I don't get it, to be someone as vociferous as you are about anti-rape and--
ME: No but see, that's what makes it great, it doesn't really have rape plots. Like, they tried once and then the shield maidens showed up and cut them up and it was great. No, it's really about the two-thirds platonic one-third actualfacts gay love of a Viking and a monk--
TODD: Now I see why you are interested--

Etc. And for the record, maybe this conversation was just funny because it was late at night and we're very tired and giddy, but we were laughing the whole time.

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So a friend of Todd's is selling off his printshop, so we're going in together to buy some type and other stuff. So this is part of the conversation we had this morning:

[comparing lists of typefaces]

Me: You're sure about this one instead of this one?

Todd: I recognize that as the proprietor of Enterprise Press you might have some resistance to a typeface called Romulus, but really.

[I think about IDIC.]

Me: Fair enough. Let's add that one then.
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Finally got to watch it tonight, and here was the conversation on the opening sequence:

Scott: So which of them is Tom Hiddleston?
Me: ...The dude.
Scott: But they're both guys?
Me: ...
Scott: Aren't they? Are they not?
Me: ... Congratulations, you not only don't see race, but apparently you don't see gender either.
Scott: OH! She is a woman, she has boobies!!

Yeah, I married him on purpose. Sober even. Thank goodness he's pretty and likes comic books.
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A quick post of more sneak peeks of my work for the studio show tomorrow--I was working until 10:45 there tonight trying to get things done!!!!



Funny story: I'd been texting Todd pictures of things as they came along and whatnot, and mentioned this to one of my instructors; I didn't think anything of it since I had written a nonfiction piece about working in BHW with him, Chris, etc. The instructor blinked and said, "You talked to the character from your story?" "....who is a real person," I explained. Basically, I am way entertained having a bestie who people apparently think is fictional.

...I am entirely too slaphappy. I should probably try to go to bed eventually.
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It's still in storage but I took Scott out to visit it today, because it is lonely and wants attention.

Me: "I've been thinking about a name for my imprint. What do you think of Common Grounds Press?"

Scott (completely unknowing): "It sounds like a coffeeshop. I want coffee. Can a printer make coffee?"

I shouldn't be this entertained by the conversation, but I am anyway.
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The official press release.

Amazing Stories, the world’s first science fiction magazine, opens for Beta Testing of Phase 1 on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013.

Fifty+ Writers Sign On to provide genre-related content!

AMAZING STORIES are just one click away!TM

The Experimenter Publishing Company is pleased to announce the reintroduction of the world’s most recognizable science fiction magazine – AMAZING STORIES!

Set to relaunch with a Beta Test of its new Social Magazine Platform, Amazing Stories will feature content from 50+ bloggers, covering an enormous array of subjects of interest to genre fans.

“We’ve got authors and agents, bloggers and editors, pod casters and broadcasters; we’ve got gamers and game designers; artists and art collectors; pulpsters and indie authors; we’ve got Hugo winners, John W. Campbell Memorial Award winners, John W. Campbell Best New Writer winners, Nebula and Hugo Award winners and nominees and winners and nominees of many other awards; people who review films, people who make films; we’ve got fanboys and fangirls; we’ve got former editors of Amazing Stories, writers who’ve become synonymous with the field and writers who are just getting started; comic artists, book reviewers; traditionally published authors, self-pubbed authors and authors who’ve done it all. The response to my request for participation was phenomenal – it couldn’t be more perfect if I had set out with a list of must-haves!” said Steve Davidson, publisher.

Amazing Stories’ Social Magazine platform is designed to create an interactive environment that will be familiar to fans with blog content designed to encourage discussion and take things beyond the usual user-generated content model for social networks.

The Amazing Stories Blog Team will cover (for now – more coming!) fourteen popular topics – Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, (lit), Film, Television, Gaming, Comics and Graphic Works, the Visual Arts, the Pulps, Audio Works, Anime, the Business of Publishing, Science and Fandom itself.

At this year’s Worldcon (Chicon 7 the 70th Worldcon, Chicago), Toastmaster John Scalzi talked about what it was to be a fan and concluded by saying

“We are diverse – and we are all in this together.”

We are diverse – and we are all in this together, a sentiment that captures the very heart and soul of what it means to be a fan. Amazing Stories aims to be a vehicle through which the diversity of fandom can come together.

Amazing Stories’ relaunch will take place in two phases. Those interested in participating in the Beta Test of Phase 1 should contact the publisher at Participants will receive full access to the site with Member status and will receive on-site benefits as the project moves forward.

Phase 2 will introduce additional interactivity and user-customization to the site. Following the completion and testing of Phase 2, the magazine, featuring both new and reprint fiction, essays, photo galleries, reviews and more will begin publication. Readers who are interested in what the magazine will look like can read two Relaunch Prelaunch issues on line, or download them from the Amazing Stories store. (Additional Amazing Stories themed product is also available here.)

Experimenter Publishing is pleased to introduce the Amazing Stories Blog Team:

Cenobyte, Mike Brotherton, Ricky L. Brown, Michael A Burstein, Catherine Coker, Johne Cook, Paul Cook, Gary Dalkin, Jane Frank,

Jim Freund, Adam Gaffen, Chris Garcia, Chris Gerwel, Tommy Hancock, Liz Henderson, Samantha Henry, M. D. Jackson, Monique Jacob,

Geoffrey James, J. J. Jones, Peggy Kolm, Justin Landon, Andrew Liptak, Melissa Lowery, Barry Malzberg, C. E. Martin, Farrell J. McGovern,

Steve Miller, Matt Mitrovich, Aidan Moher, Kevin Murray, Ken Neth, Astrid Nielsch, D. Nicklin-Dunbar, John Purcell, James Rogers,

Diane Severson, Douglas Smith, Lesley Smith, Bill Spangler, Duane Spurlock, Michael J. Sullivan, G. W. Thomas, Erin Underwood,

Stephan Van Velzen, Cynthia Ward, Michael Webb, Keith West, John M. Whalen, Ann Wilkes, Karlo Yeager, Leah Zeldez


Originally published in 1926 by the father of science fiction, Hugo Gernsback, Amazing Stories helped to launch both the science fiction genre and its most enduring feature, science fiction fandom. The magazine is well known for its Frank R. Paul covers and for publishing the first stories by many iconic authors such as Isaac Asimov, Jack Williamson and Ursula Le Guin. Published continuously from 1926 until 1995, followed by two brief resurrections from 1998 till 2000 and again from 2004 thru 2005. In 2008 Hasbro, the then current owner, allowed the trademarks to lapse and publisher Steve Davidson applied for and eventually received them in 2011.

Additional history and background on Amazing Stories can be found at the Science Fiction Encyclopedia and Wikipedia. A complete gallery of all 609 previous issues with publication history is also available.

The Experimenter Publishing Company was created in 2012 for the purpose of returning Amazing Stories magazine to regular publication. The company shares the name of the original magazine’s publisher as homage. The trademarks for Amazing Stories were acquired by Steve Davidson in 2011, the previous owners having allowed the marks to lapse in 2008, at which time application was made for a new incarnation of the same title.


For more information regarding Amazing Stories, the Blog Team and the Beta Test of the new site, please contact Steve Davidson via email at

To contact one of the Blog Team:


Mike Brotherton

Ricky L Brown

Michael A Burstein – ,

Cait Coker

Johne Cook

Paul Cook

Gary Dalkin

Jane Frank

Jim Freund

Adam Gaffen

Chris Garcia

Chris Gerwel

Tommy Hancock ,

Liz Henderson , ,

Samantha Henry

M. D. Jackson

Monique Jacob

Geoffrey James ,

J. Jay Jones

Peggy Kolm

Justin Landon

Andrew Liptak

Meilissa Lowery , ,

Barry Malzberg

C. E. Martin ,

Farrell J. McGovern

Steve Miller ,

Matt Mitrovich

Aidan Moher

Kevin Murray ,

Ken Neth

Astrid Nielsch , , , ,

D. Nicklin-Dunbar

John Purcell

James Rogers

Diane Severson , ,

Douglas Smith

Lesley Smith

Bill Spangler

Duane Spurlock , ,

Michael J. Sullivan

G. W. Thomas

Erin Underwood

Stephan Van Velzen

Cynthia Ward – ,

Michael Webb

Keith West ,

John M Whalen

Ann Wilkes

Karlo Yeager

Leah Zeldes , ,



ME: I might have a ...problem. Saying yes to things. Doing things.... >_>
HAL: Yeah, I know what your problem is. You're INSANE.
ME: <_<
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Just one of those things I do sometimes. So, a pagan and a Mormon exchanged each other's bibles the day after Easter.

Stay tuned!
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Melissa: Cait, on TOS, who sang “Take Me Home, Kathleen” over the intercom system?
Me: …
Melissa: Cait! You should KNOW this!
Me: I’m thinking! It sounds like a trick question, because the character that always sang was Lt. Uhura, but this is an Irish song so it’s gotta be from an ep where people go crazy, so…Kevin Riley?
Oh yeah, that’s why they pay me the big—well, it’s why they pay me, anyhow.
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Todd: So is your teacher still your intellectual Chris Pine?

Me: Well, yeah, but today wasn't quite as fun as yesterday. We didn't have as many exercises and I wasn't really able to follow as well.

Todd: So that means that now he's your intellectual James McAvoy?

Me: ...Mebbe. *thinks* Yeah, that kinda works.

Todd (looking a little smug): So that means that if the class continues to deteriorate, by the end of the week he'll be, what, your intellectual Chris Hemsworth?

Me (thinking, then appalled): ... Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So my boss wandered innocently into my office a while ago. (Please keep in mind that my boss, while completely BAMF, is also the most perfect and proper British man and English professor you have ever SEEN.)

Boss: Ah, you've been quiet all day. What are you up to?

Me (blinking owlishly over book fort): Well I'm trying to figure out how to rewrite my paper for an article...

Boss: Oh! Excellent! And what's it on, then?

Me: Well, uh, it's the Star Trek paper I presented at PCA a couple months ago. The tropes in fanfiction...

Boss: Oh really? [He picks up nearby book on Boys' Love Manga, just picked up from the library yesterday.] Hemm.

Me: Yeah, I'm looking at the differences in Original Series versus Reboot fiction. I was rereading Joanna Russ's essay on slash--she published an informal version in Nome #8 and then an academic version in one of her volumes of essays.[Warming to my subject, I pull out another book from a stack and have it with the open zine on my desk.] You can definitely see how tropes have changed over time, but I've been wondering lately how much if any it's influenced by the translation and import of Japananese yaoi manga.

Boss: Which, are, uh?

Me: Gay romances.

Boss: ...What does that have to do with Star Trek?

Me (more enthusiastic than ever): Oh Star Trek has a HUGE history of fan-written gay romances going back to the 1970s! [Pulls some more zines.] It's really interesting because they are all--well, almost all written by women. And there's a huge following of this sort of material in Japan as well, almost concurrently, but it doesn't start getting imported into the US until later, so I'm not sure what's going on, but you definitely see a number of tropes crossing from yaoi into slash in the last decade or so. Like there's wing!fic and--

[Lyndsey stops outside my door and peers in.]

Lyndsey: Wing!fic?!

Me: Yeah, I was just telling Boss about my research. [Brief recap.]

Lyndsey: Oh yeah, good times. You should check out ... [Rattles citations.]

Me: Oooh!

Boss: ... [He looks back and forth between us.] I see I'm quite in over my head here!

Lyndsey looks at me suspiciously.

Me: [To Lyndsey] I kept it tame. [To Boss] It gets much, much weirder, I promise.

Lyndsey: It does. You don't want to know.

Boss: ... And on that note, I believe I shall take my leave. [He does.]

Lyndsey: No tentacles?

Me: Not yet, I'm still looking at the pon farr stuff.

Etc etc.

Yeah. *looks sheepish* Then I had to double-check a couple of citations for novels and decided to write to one of the official authors, and apparently Simon & Schuster only does snail mail, so I had to write to someone on paper. On the plus side, that meant it looked a bit more professional than "I liked your book, now was this one line a joke or actually subtext, and also, can I quote you in my next article?!" but STILL!

So. Uh. What are you guys up to?
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Okay, so I'm going up for tenure, and well, let's face it, I may be, possibly, a bit of an overachiever. *coff* And OCD. *harrumph* And look, I just really like doing things WELL, okay??

So when you do this they assign you two shepherds to get you though the process. One of them is Candy, who is a friend besides and well--she's used to me. My other colleague knows me, but I don't think she quite realized what she has gotten herself into...

Anyhow, one of the most important things is coming up with the list of peer-reviewers from other institutions who will look at your dossier and then write a letter on whether or not they should keep you. This has been stressing me out a bit.

Basically, here's a verbatim email conversation from this afternoon, after I send a draft list and ask if I need some more:

Candy: Well, how many names do you have at this point?
Me: 12.
Candy: Calm down.
Me: I’ll work on it, but it’s not something I do well. (I do, on the other hand have the following very wide spectrum of behavioral norms: Bouncy, Chipper, Enthused, Hyper, Caffeinated, and Who Took Her To Starbucks At 3PM Why?)
Innocent Shepherd: JUST STOP!! Go work on something else. That is an order…and step away from the coffee!

...The thing that makes this hilarious? My other shepherd is INFAMOUS for wanting more drafts and revisions from folks. Basically, I broke the system--well, okay, I'm doing it again because I'm already going up two years early, but still.

*starts re-debating taking an apple to tenure presentation*
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An email exchange from this morning with my friend Laura:

Ok, so I was dreaming last night, and I dreamed I was friends with Chris Pine, and he came to visit for dinner, then all the sudden the city we were in was under attack by a Giant Intergalactic Space Gorilla (seriously) and so Chris Pine and I were trying to get away from the GISG, and while we were running for our lives, I thought, “Oh man, Cait is going to be so jealous that I am here with Chris Pine.”

I immediately replied:

That is awesome. Can I post this on my livejournal? ;)

Subquestion, why was I not invited to the dinner with Chris?? :o

Because I have my priorities STRAIGHT, people!!!!!

So Laura wrote back:

I think we were in another country….otherwise I would so invite you along.

My final response: Clearly they were in Canada. With Tom Hardy, too I bet.
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Me: So I get to meet a real astronaut tomorrow!! He wants to come look at the scifi collection!
Mom: Well what are you going to wear?
Me: Er...I'm thinking my usual cargo pants, and a Stargate tshirt?
Mom: ...Okay.

And then she started talking about Buffy's wedding (yes, that is the name of her best friend's daughter, no she is not a vampire slayer, SADLY). IDEK.
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So I got an unexpected get out of jail free card and have been enjoying it.

Varamathras looks like I feel.

Scott called this morning from the Barnes and Nobles in Atlanta. We've been working our way through io9's 14 Best Speculative Fiction Books of 2010. He finished The Wind-Up Girl which I'm still stuck on--I like the chapters with Emiko but I loathe everyone else. Grr.

Anyway he was calling cos B&N had like none of the other books and he was about to give up and go to Amazon. He did pause to ask if I wanted to read Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian with him.

Me (reading from web review): "If what we call "horror" can be seen as including any literature that has dark, horrific subject matter, then Blood Meridian is, in this reviewer's estimation, the best horror novel ever written. It's a perverse, picaresque Western about bounty hunters for Indian scalps near the Texas-Mexico border in the 1850s--a ragged caravan of indiscriminate killers led by an unforgettable human monster called "The Judge." Imagine the imagery of Sam Peckinpah and Heironymus Bosch as written by William Faulkner, and you'll have just an inkling of this novel's power." Llama, this sounds horrible!!!
Scott: Yeaaaaaaah... that was a bad choice wasn't it?
Me (laughing): YES! This is a HORRIBLE choice!
Scott (sheepish): Yeaaaaaah. Okay I'll get this for me and then see if they have How To Live Safely In A Science Fictional Universe.
Me: Yes please!!!


Saw this NYT article about some coffeehouses banning ereaders and found it deeply amusing. I know I'm really in the minority but I do LIKE ereaders: I like that I can carry a bunch of books with me very easily. I don't like that I can't mark them up, deface or improve the text, or a dozen or more years from now look on one fondly because it holds special memories (like the copy of A Moveable Feast I took to Paris, or the copy of Inglorious I read in Japan while contemplating marriage to Scott), but that's why it's possible to have BOTH things.

(And I've said this before and will say it again: I would totally have my iPad's babies if I could. So there.)


I crossed the 10k line in my novel. I know it's a drop in the bucket/average size of a Trek story, but it's still something all my own and I feel proud. I've created a file that's a sort of appendices as I work out additional things. Most recently I've been trying to figure out the religion of the people on the planet of Uir. (See, it has a name now. Well that's what the inhabitants call it, not sure what the Terrans call it yet...) Since I'm talking about a half dozen countries on the main continent, I'm thinking there's got to be at least three biggies. Now how do they all interact???

Working, working...
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So we went exploring a little bit this evening. We found a nice used bookshop, the kind that's several stories of books, most for only a couple dollars each, all higgeldy-piggledy and yon. Lo, and here are my treasures:

I got several Bradley paperbacks, a few Star Trek novels, a TOS photo-zine, a random 1970s "Witch" zine, and "The Phoenix Trilogy" that I had never heard of but that she deemed as must-read.

Then we went to dinner at Mader's, one of the oldest pubs in the city. It opened in 1902 and was uber-German. I got the pork shank and a black forest cherry cake. Num!!

Afterwards Candy and I walked back to the hotel, randomly discussing superhero movies.

Me: And Thor comes out next summer. Chris Hemsworth in tight shirts! Sign. Me. Up.
Candy: Yeah, you're not shallow at all.
Me: Nope. I have layers. Lots of 'em. (pause) Like an onion really.
Candy: Yeah, totally. There's the Chris layer, the Karl layer, the other Chris layer...
Me: Any resemblance I may have to that statement there is completely accurate.
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So today on the SFRA listserv a request was posted for a 1500+ review of the new Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction, for those "with the chops." Shortly thereafter there was this conversation:

Me: I did something stupid this afternoon...
Lyndsey: Cait?
Me: know that SFRA announcement for the reviewer?
Lyndsey: Cait!
Me: I have a PROBLEM okay?
Lyndsey: CAIT!!!!!!
Me: It's a pathological thing...
Me: ...I don't know. (pause) Did I mention I have a problem?

So let's review my life:

Exhibit opening: This Friday.
Conference paper: Sometime next week (the chair hasn't told me when it is...not a good sign. Also not a good sign? It's only half done thus far).
Article revisions: End of month.
Diversity presentation: December 2.
Book review: December 7.
Book chapter: December 15.

... Yeah. So on the plus side I sent out my grad school packet over the weekend, so, y'know, that's something.


Gratuitous cross-posting: Images of some new stuff from GRRM over at Just a Sci-Fi Kid Like Me.
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Watching Kevin Sorbo on Hawaii Five-0: He still looks good.


Earlier today:

Me: (going on about my usual near pathological inability to say no, particularly to certain people)
Todd: Look, let me put it in words you can understand: It's like Sirius Black going through the veil. You have to accept it and move past it.
Me: ... Kind of like when Spock Prime goes through the black hole?
Todd: Like when Optimus Prime looks into the ruby spark.
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So today at work we had a special event commemorating the Muniz Gift--an endowment to the library to purchase historic material relating to the history of south Texas. What we bought and subsequently put together a mini-exhibit for is a set of post-Civil War letters written by a member/surgeon of a black US Army troop that was sent to the area in the 1860s to help the Mexican Army fight the French.

...I kind of want to read them and write a story about them now.

Anyhow, Lionel Garcia, a professor, novelist, and PEN award winner, did a reading of his poem "My Horse." To celebrate we bought letterpress chapbooks published by Arion Press in San Francisco. (For my ST peeps, this is the sort of stuff that Printer!Jim and crew would work with.)

Afterwards I asked him to sign my copy, which he very kindly did (and he even spelled my name right!!!!!!!!). And then because I am me I held it tightly throughout with my writing notebook for good luck.

Me: Sympathetic magic works, right?
Todd: Sure. But it would be nice if you wrote something that wasn't fanfic.
Me: DUDE. This has my original fic project in it.
Todd: Really? Awesome!
Mary: She writes in it all the time. She had it at the meeting this morning.
Cassie: Well will you do a reading now?
Tina: Do it! Do it! Do it!
Me: Um, okay. (flips through book looking for something readable)
Cassie: Is that poetry?
Mary: It's definitely columns.
Me: Well I went through an Anglo Saxon dictionary and wrote down all the words I liked the sounds of.
Mary: ...
Cassie: ...
Tina: ...

So I read them a couple paragraphs from my WIP. And felt foolish. But they seemed entertained.


In other news, Starbucks has brought back their salted caramel hot chocolate which I LOOOOOOVE.

And IT still has my laptop, even though they said they'd bring it back in half an hour. SIGH.

I should have my grad school packet out in the mail next week. Then I can stop obsessing about it. I hope. Steve and David were asking about it and seemed positive, so fingers crossed!
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At Einstein Bros apparently. A bunch of bagels, in a box. With a convenient little carry-handle thingie.

My first thought: Personal item for trip back to Texas. Second thought: If they don't get the crap squished out of them on the plane, they will in the airport shuttle. Dammit!

Anyhow. Had vivid dream of taking the GRE last night, only to reach the verbal and remember I had a class to teach in twenty minutes. IDEK.

I was meant to be working on my Statement of Purpose this morning but my brain is fuzzy. I got up at 4:30 yesterday morning to catch the shuttle, and didn't sleep well last night because I'm just not used to Scott's place. I did write some of [ profile] blue_jack's fic and feel pretty pleased with that.

Also I keep listening to the new Linkin Park album, and 1) I keep trying to figure out how to work it into the paper Todd and I are working on about eschaotological anxiety and the atom bomb, 2) how much "Waiting for the End" reminds me of Jim/Eomer.

My brain is a weird, weird place. Let me show you it.

Oh, and he got a copy of Earth: The Book which I CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH. Seriously, if you thought America: The Book was funny? This takes it to a higher level. Like if there's a Scifi exhibit at work in fifty years that book needs to go in there. I shit you not. Also, read some more of The Pillars of the Earth on the plane. quite unintentionally funny in some places. I read some of it to Scott.

SCOTT: And you're still reading it??
CAIT: It might get better? We haven't even gotten to the main characters on the cover yet? Except Rufus Sewell. He's in the first chapter.
SCOTT: Yeah, I remember that guy from the miniseries.
CAIT: Yeah. He's hot.
SCOTT: What?? *grabs book, peering closely* You think HE'S hot?!
CAIT: It's Rufus Sewell. Most women with a heartbeat agree with me.
SCOTT: *still peering at cover of book* Really? Why?
CAIT: I think it's a British thing. All I know is that when I saw him in The Taming of the Shrew and he kept saying Kate's name over and over again in different ways, I rewound and played it a million times.
SCOTT: *rolls eyes, hands book back* I will clearly never understand women.
CAIT: You do better than average, baby. *squish*

Anyhow. Scott's going to come home in about an hour, and then we're going to go to the Aquarium, and then tonight we're going to go see the restored Metropolis. I am all a-squee.

I think I might need coffee first. This post took way too long to type.
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Me: I'm glad I'm taking the GRE next week. If I waited longer I think I'd end up freaking out over it.
Candy: Just pretend it's a really expensive computer game.
Me: ... I can do that!


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