Nov. 14th, 2011 01:44 pm
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So this weekend I went to the Lone Star Film Fest in Dallas and got to see Searching for Sonny, a quirky not-too-dark-but-still-a-bit-dark comedy starring Jason Dohring and Masi Oka. Several of the actors were in attendance, including Michael Hogan, who is perhaps best known among my friends as Colonal Tigh on the BSG Reboot. I got to meet him briefly and he's really really nice, and a friend took this pic.

I was a well-behaved fangirl. Also a very tired-with-a-sinus-headache fangirl, but he listened to me babble effusively for a couple minutes. So, hee!!
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Okay here's what I think. I think that Alpha and Echo are part of a government infiltration ala Through a Scanner Darkly, and Alpha remembers the mission but went kind of whacky and is trying to get Echo to resurface, albeit with the whacky.

Cos nothing says "remember yourself" like constant threat of death.

On the other hand: it, uh, seems to be working.

Glad to see Helo, if not on BSG, and OMG only four eps left?? WTF are they going to do?! I'm intensely worried we're going to get a Farscape type ending with an intense "finale" that will be concluded with a truncated miniseries. I hope I'm wrong, but I've also watched the SciFi Channel enough to know how they game things.

Grr. Argh.

BSG 4.5

Feb. 8th, 2009 03:22 pm
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Just gotta say: Goddamn I love this show again.

I Heart BSG

Jun. 6th, 2008 09:59 pm
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"I love you."

"About time."

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So I am in serious love with this season of BSG. Some comments:

1. I like Apollo again. I really do. I haven't liked him since Season 1 but I really like him these days.

2. Badger!!!!! (Except I spent a lot of time seriously worrying about the animals in his presence. Jake, be careful!)

3. Jake!!!!

4. Tigh and Caprica are having a Cylon baby? I thought Cylons couldn't have babies with each other. Well, we know Love isn't the missing ingredient anymore.

5. Adama Hearts Roslin! He does, he does! How cute is old people love!


I recently finished reading Meg Cabot's Airhead. The short short version of this story is a geek girl's brain is put into the body of a supermodel, and hijinks ensue. It is remarkably entertaining.

I broke down and started reading Stephanie Meyer's Twilight because I was intrigued by the movie trailer. Y'know what would make all this better? Making David Boreanaz into a teenager again.

I have one quibble. If you were a vampire and over a century old, wouldn't you, y'know, arrange to not be in high school? Like, ever? Just sayin'.
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I love Dr. Who! Donna is an awesome companion! Is it wrong that I think the Ood's Song of Captivity is actually kinda pretty?

WTF is up with Anders and being bugshit? Adama and Roslin made me cry. Aww. And since when is Baltar making self-help tapes??

Meg Cabot has a new video. I love Meg:

I'm not paid to pimp her vids. I just think she's funny.

The end.
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So Baltar has a Chip Gaius now?

And are Adama and Roslyn living together? Cos damn were they cosy.
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I've been out of the blogosphere what with the gainful employment and all. Things are cool and I have a huge office and they let people in the building use art from the collections so long as its not too expensive/huge/fragile/etc so I will be getting pretty pictures tomorrow. I have two bookcases which I am slowly squirreling books to from home, starting off with all of my library/archives stuff and then more general things. Like thesauruses, which are useful when you are writing documentation and your brain goes blank.

I've talked to several people about various ideas on articles I could write. I'm mentally planning on how to go about those. Stay tuned.


Happy birthday to Simone de Beauvoir, who would be 100 today if she were still alive. I haven't finished The Second Sex, and I tried it back in college. I still have a bookmark in it though.


Random fun thing:

Cracking the BSG Code. Frankly I want this photo released as a poster sans text.


General bookishness:

I'm over half-way through Melanie Rawn's Spellbinder, which is her first novel in ten years. (Yes, I, like loads of other fantasy-geeks, am STILL waiting for The Captal's Tower. It is disappointing only in that I know otherwise that she is an excellent writer, and this puppy just seems shoddily put together. It honestly strikes me as one of those exercises you perform when you have writer's block (and she says that's pretty much what it is in the postscript), except, well, it needs editing and rewriting in bits. I'll give more opinion when I'm, y'know, done with it.

My copy of Meg Cabot's latest in the Princess Diaries, Princess Mia, came yesterday and I'm looking forward to it.


More later.
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Wow, I totally covet these.

Retro-style ones here.

"How to Spot a Cylon" here.

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Went wedding dress shopping with my friend Carla today which was lots of fun. In addition to being the awesome kind of person who can geek Battlestar Galactica while shopping, she also knows clothes stuff and how to do things. (Sad fact: without her, it is quite probably I would never have been able to *figure out* how to get into some of those things.) I found a dress I like a lot which I've been trying to find a picture of online and haven't yet. There was another dress I liked which I called the white "Six" dress as it looked like something Six from BSG would wear only white.

ETA: This is the one I call the Six dress. It looks much more modest on me as, well, I am not as upperly gifted as that model. Also, I don't stand at unnatural angles. Generally.

She also pointed out that the guy who plays Gaius Baltar played the gay friend in the Bridget Jones movies. I am never going to be able to look at Baltar again without hearing "Fight! Fight! Come on, it's a REAL Fight!!"

Um yeah.

ETA: NaNoWriMo Update: 23327.
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First we get a mention in NYT, now someone has put together this awesome collection of librarians in pop culture, ranging from Giles to vibrator adverts!

Unrelated, is this clip of the Battlestar Galactica: Razor mini coming out in November. Because Michelle Phelps/Admiral Cain was just too damn cool to only have for two episodes.



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