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Can I ask you guys, if you want to do something good today, or tomorrow, or hell, period, please donate to the Ferguson Public Library. (They have a paypal donate button on their homepage.) They have been hosting daily activities for kids while schools etc. have been closed this week and providing safe spaces.

In case anyone every asks "what libraries are for," you can always point to this.
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Last night they took down the shiny scifi banners on the building.

This morning, they put up these:

ETA: I was on my way to lunch when I ran into a coworker, who stopped me and said, "So, I heard you're doing the death-defying plunge and going up for tenure early." I said "Yeah, I have my Captain Kirk-like reputation to live up to. I'm trying to decide whether or not to take an apple with me when I do the actual presentation."(No, I didn't have my Kirk badge on at the time. Dammit!) They were like, ??? I said, "Y'know, how Kirk's munching an apple during the Kobayashi Maru, cos it's the...unbeatable...test?" They were like "Um, no." Then my friend Tina walked up and I was like, "Hey, I was just explaining about going up for tenure and whether or not to munch on an apple at my talk." And Tina is like, "Oh yeah, like Kirk at the Kobayashi Maru!"

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Exhibit opened. 130+ people attended. Michael Moorcock, James Gunn, Elizabeth Moon, and Martha Wells are all incredibly nice interesting people.

Gratuitous pictures (more to come next week undoubtedly):

Professor Victor Frankenstein, the Professor's Assistant, Nell of the Diamond Age, (Genderswap!)Wash, Princess Mononoke, and (Young!) Wolverine.

In other words, Todd, Julie, me, Cassie, Jenni, Lyndsey, and Michael R.

I work with the coolest people in the known universe.
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So today's the first day of school. A kid comes into the library, confidently strides up to the front desk, and declares, "I heard this was the nudist library!"

I shit you not.

We're still confused.

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In celebration of Aggiecon, Cushing Library is offering limited Behind-the-Scenes tours of our Sci-Fi Collections! Tour times are:

2pm Friday
9:30am Saturday
10:30am Saturday

Please email me at or call 979-845-1951 (Cushing Library) to reserve your spot! This is a rare chance to see inside our stacks--these stacks are off limits to the general public!

We also have a temporary display of material in our collection in the Reading Room of Cushing Library. Two tables: four days! Come visit us while you can!
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Because my new job really is that cool, I am on a team to evaluate Kindle for library use.

Hee hee hee.

So my first thoughts are:

1) Dude, this is so fucking cool!

followed by

2) Dude, these books are pretty expensive!

Seriously. The popular stuff retails about $10 a pop, but I checked out the new Mercedes Lackey novel and it's a heft $17--all of $1 cheaper than buying the hardback.


It's on the clunky side but only a little. It makes up in sheer coolness what it lacks in sheer utility.

More later.
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Research Report #47 from the National Endowment of the Arts.

The NYT reports more here.

Will report more fully myself once I'm done with the thing.
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I am tempted to learn sewing and quilting for the express purpose of making this.
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They don't have any instructions but it's still funny. In "Within Range" you have to return books to the shelf in their proper LC order. In "I'll Get It" either a student worker or a librarian hipster must aid patrons by going up to them then going to the library catalog, shelves, or book drop. When patrons get impatient their faces turn red and they say "Grr!" When they are happy they are green with big smiles.

Now I wish they would do something really wacky, like "Shush the Person on the Cell Phone Who Won't Shut Up!" or "Where Do you Put the Books When You Don't Have New Shelving?"!
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Went out and about today. I had lunch with Scott at a very bad Japanese place just off campus. I didn't know sushi could be tasteless, and yet, it was. I also ordered green tea ice cream, as I'd gotten a taste for it in Japan, and what they served was a ball of tasteless green icecream that that had had some cake put around it and tempura'd. Deeply unimpressive. I now have a serious hankering for good sushi. D'oh!

I also went to a library that shall remain nameless lest I get a job there later. Was horrified that in several parts of the stacks they were having leakage issues or something--ceiling tiles had been removed and shelves had been covered with tarps. There was also a pervasive smell of mold that really made me twitch. The circulation desk was also badly organized; I've never been to a large university library that didn't have those little line rope things like they have in banks. Well they didn't, they had two librarians scurrying behind the desk and four student workers, and a very unorganized line of patrons wanting to check things out. I had to get a special form, too, so they put me off to the side where one of the librarians would get to me (eventually) which made things even more chaotic. So basically a two minute errand took almost twenty minutes, just for poor organization. They also have funny geography because two libraries are connected by what they call a "Sky Walk" so there's essentially two sets of floors for floors 4,5, and 6. What they do is at one library those locations are "floors" and at the other they are "levels." So you basically have to pay close attention to if you want a "floor" or a "level" and adjust your elevator/stairs use accordingly. This is made more difficult as they put maps by the elevators and stairs, but only explain the floor/level thing on a handout you pick up at the first floor. If they just put a little sign about that by all the elevators and stairs in both buildings, it would've been so much easier.

So resisting the urge to just go there tomorrow AM and say, "You don't have to pay me, just. Let. Me. Fix. This."

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First we get a mention in NYT, now someone has put together this awesome collection of librarians in pop culture, ranging from Giles to vibrator adverts!

Unrelated, is this clip of the Battlestar Galactica: Razor mini coming out in November. Because Michelle Phelps/Admiral Cain was just too damn cool to only have for two episodes.

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(I was having such a lovely, relaxing morning before I got this article in my inbox, and now my blood pressure is through the effing roof!)

Sure their research is vapid, their reporters insipid, and any "groundbreaking story" is months old, but it really does irritate me when The Fucking Washington Post has to present yet another opinion piece on < a href="">"Do We Really Need Libraries Anymore?"

To which I can only say, "Dude, have you BEEN to a library recently?" Every time I go to a DC library there is a LINE of people waiting to check out books, and if I go early there is a LINE of people waiting to go in!

I have to say how much I adore the populace of my city that they are all arguing with this idiot. Americans really aren't as stupid as TPTB want to believe.
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I hope people find this list as amusing as I do:

--a couple of notebooks
--a binder
--matted artwork (how students lose that an art school...ah forget it)
--a travel-size bottle of Chlorox bleach (WTF?)
--half of a stoen slab (--twice the WTF; found by me sitting in a chair; no clue what it came from)
--a cd case with fifty GOOD cds
--several power cords/AC adaptors
--a sweatshirt
--a diary with a check for $300 in it (we actually went to the trouble of tracking that person down)
--a scarf
--two hats
--a bandanna
--those plastic drafting things architecture students have

Oh the randomness.
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Student: "What was that famous painting of that famous lady?"

Me: "Uh...the Mona Lisa?"

Student: "That's it! And who did it?"

Me: "Leonardo da Vinci. (phew)"

Later there will be pop culture notes, but now, off to gaming!


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